Air filter seal: How good is it?

I was inspecting my new (to me) Pig tonight. I am rather suspect of the air filter to air box seal. The seal of the side cover to the airbox seems fine, but it appears that it would be pretty easy for dust to pass around the edges of the filter element and into the engine. Is this something I need to worry about? I am currently running the stock filter. Do any of the aftermarket filters provide a better seal than the stocker? :thumbsup:


The stock filter is pretty good. I've heard from others where the front clasp doesn't close tight enough, so pay attention to that area in particular. If you're not running the PC Racing Pro Seal on the rim of the backfire screen, then I'd suggest greasing the sealing edge of the filter just to be safe. Some folks even put a light coating of grease all over the airbox just to be safe. Here's some quickie info on the Pro Seal, but you can probably make it yourself for less money. Some folks simply use a couple layers of electrical tape instead.

Thanks qadsan!,

The DirtRider article has confirmed my suspicions. I will be buying a good roll of electrical tape tomorrow or maybe the PC seal!



more than one BRP has blown a motor after stuff got by the airfilter.

After trying different stuff I run the No Toil filter, and lots of grease with a backfire well-so far.

I did the electrical tape fix today. MUCH MUCH better! I also greased the filter edges liberally. While doing this I noticed another problem. The seal between the air box and carb boot seems to be going bad. Almost all of the caulking there is gone or cracked. I will be pulling that out and resealing it tomorrow. This bike only has about 700 miles on it! Hondas seem to be prone to airbox problems. Or is it my imagination?

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