screwed! keyway broke the crank

00 yz426 :awww:

well, i thought i blew a gear so i split the case and found the trans fine. but the CB gear had alot of play in it, the walls that hold the key in place are broken off - even with a new key theres too much play.

also, a torx screw came off the CB wieght, there was only 2 screws. maybe i lost the screw and it was crunched up, but the metal on the drain plug didnt look like screw. and theres nothing else broken. the CB gear is even fine.

what should i do? 01 crank seems the way to go... where would i find a crank puller tool?

the rings lasted longer than the crank :thumbsup:

Find that missing screw before you put it back together! Compare prices, the 01' crank and gear is the way to go for longevity, but is the cost in your budget?

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