Hey Oregonthumper... & all other Oregon Thumpers. Important Info.

Oregonthumper & Oregon Thumpers:

There is going to be a poker run at the Albany Super Cross on the weekend of the 15th & 16th. You don't need to ride both days but you can if you want. The entery fee is $5.00 for gate & $20.00 for the poker run. All of the gate fee goes for "The Cure For Cancer" fund. I plan on being there on the 15th for sure and maybe the 16th as well. Can you make it?

Lets make a big showing to get lots of cash for "The Cure". :)

I would love to make it, but I can't. I have the company golf tourney on that Saturday, the only time I ever play golf, and Baseball started last week so my Sunday's are full until Mid-August. That sounds like a lot of fun though. Drop me an email or PM though B-Bike if you want to go riding on a Saturday. I am at every practice at Eugene, but every other Saturday is good.

I probably/might/??? be there.

Do you know anything about the course they plan to use, the track plus ? for some distance, or will it all be on the track ???

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Last year they had a couse of about 3 mi. They use the land to the east of the track.


Sorry you can't make it. Maybe we can hook-up on another ride. Shoot me some more info. on the dates they run the pratice at the Eugene track if you would? thanks

Any information for the poker run @ Albany can be had at these phone #'s




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I am at every Saturday practice, almost. There is one this Saturday from 8:30 to 2:00. I will be there with a fellow thumper talk member. The Eugene site is: http://www.efnigy.com/eugenemotox/index2000.htm

I can't make Sunday the 23rd like I said because of baseball, but maybe I'll see you there this Saturday.

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