Can I buy a Honda front brake line for my YZ426 or do I need to buy a shortened brake line made specificly for Yamaha's and the CR routing mod.

Thanks in advance

Fastline and Ride Engineering both sell a YZ brake line shortened for CR style routing.

The BIGGEST difference is just getting a braided line, the routing makes almost no difference at all. Just think about it. If you have a braided line that does NOT flex under pressure from the fluid, then the extra 6 inches or so does NOT matter. (don't tell your wife that! :eek :)

Fluid pressure is fluid pressure, and if 6 inches made that much difference, then your plumbing would not work ever!

My brakes have an oem routed replacement braided steel line from Moose racing and some DP race pads, and they are as good as a Honda, I know, I ride my pal's CRF450 and noticed no appreciable difference in stopping power. Just bleed your brakes carefully and use FRESH fluid....and you will be happy with ANY braided line...

I just ordered the "DP Pro MX" for my YZ....same as CR450 pads....the Pro series is the highest friction, and they are holding up fairly well, they have been on my bike for 4 months now and still have about 40% material left...

what kind of pads do i need to purchase? 2001 CR250 pads? what year pads fit?

and what type of pads do i need? i was lookin and i saw at least 4 different materials for pads.

I read somewhere that it isn't just the extra 6" of brake line but the 2 90 degree turns the brake line has to take for the stupid routing that they have to do cause they are too cheap to pay honda a few bucks for their ridiculous patent.

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