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Ya, it happens to everyone. Mostly on 2 smokes though.


How did you do in Wildwood? Or is that why you started this post? I wanted to get down and try it, but I forgot all about. Then, Fri night I was watching the news and saw a reporter doing a short story on some things to do at the jersey shore and they showed quads on the beach track and mentioned the race. How was the track? Any good jumps?


my story is an old one but,back in '84 my buds talked me into racing a hare scramble so i say what the heck(had raced only mx up to that point)so i went completely through my 84 cagiva 250 greased everything,ect,well about 2 laps into the race it felt like i had a flat rear tire,i stopped to look no flat so i kept going,i still felt like i had a flat, anyhow i hit this pretty good sized jump which bottomed the suspension(normal for that bike)i hit pretty hard and my foot came off the peg when i went to put it back on my right leg was higher than the left,still moving i looked down to see my swing arm pivot bolt had come out about 4 inches,evidently i hadn't tightened the pivot nut and it had fallen off which let the bolt come out,the rest of the race i kept kicking the bolt back in untill the footpeg got stuck up under it and i couldn't get it back in,so i finished with my swing arm pivot bolt as a footpeg still got a third place finish though. i was a teenager then and had a lot to learn about wrenching although i did loose my kickstarter riding a couple of weeks ago so apparently i haven't learned yet! :)


this isnt moto related, but its worth reading. I was a mechanic on an SCCA GT2 car about 19 years ago, and as usual we were trashing to get the car together all the way through the tech inspection line. We get there and Ive still got a wrench in my hand from snugging the intake at the last minute and the Inspector looks at me and says, "boy that gonna overheat for sure" I looked at him radiator. Nice. I have never been so embarrased in my life. I wasnt my task to complete, but I was the point of contact at inspection. Like Jeff Foxworthy says, "here's your sign"

well i've fouled 3 total plugs and one was my fault at my house, the other 2 were at the track. my first race of this year on my second moto on the line, everything was fine. few seconds later it starts popping and wouldnt run for crap and i had to give it a bunch of revs to keep it running...i let go of the throttle to put my goggles on and it dies i kick it about 10 times and it starts while the guy is waiting for me so he can drop the gate and the gate drops RIGHT as i get it started so then i pop it in gear and leave last of the line and then it ran fine that whole time. it musta been having its "moment" :)

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