Replacing Rear Sprocket and Chain

What is everyone opinion on having to replace the front sprocket when replacing the rear sprocket and the chain? Should the front one be replaced as well?

I know that you should always change the chain when replacing the rear sprocket, just wasn't sure if I should also replace the front.

i always replace the entire set, i went with Sidewinders this time, cost a bit more but supossed to last longer.

Always replace as a set. Worn sprockets will damage the chain, stretched chains will quickly damage new sprockets.

Ditto do all three. both sprockets new chain. Ironman are the best sprockets I have ever used. :thumbsup:

Front sprockets are so inexpensive and easy to change. No reason not to unless it is pretty new.

I put sidewinder chain and sprockets on last time and I noticed the front sprocket is shot. :awww: Don't know how many miles, but is less than what I got out of the stock ones. :thumbsup:

This ones a no-brainer. I always replace both sprockets and chain togther. I go through two to three front sprockets for every rear sprocket and chain.

If you ask me, the best deal in rear sprockets is the stock Yamaha WR rear sprocket. It wears like iron and is less than $20. I think I paid $17 for the last one I bought last year. I like to use the Regina ORN gold chain. It also lasts and is around $70. A whole set of chain and two sprockets for less than $100 and the set usually lasts me a year (about 4-5k miles).

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