grey wire mod for WR450

I got a 04 WR450 with 35 miles on it. The exhaust plug is removed and it has a YZ throttle stop in it. My next step is the grey wire. I know about all the timing map stuff but What will this do for actual seat of your pants performance. I don't plan on messing with the cam. Is there any links showing pictures or just instructions on how to do the mod for this bike?

I read an old post where a guy put a switch up by his throttle to turn it on or off, is this possible or even needed. I just want the mofo to kick ass

HAHAHA to funny, i love the balloon. and it's dirty now :thumbsup:

MEGGA fun this bike is. i was used to kickin' over a 94 cr500. love this machine

what exactly does the grey wire do?

is the 450 grey wire the same as the 250 in 04? any pictures? i just don't want to remove the wrong wire.

Damn, that is a sweet looking bike there man :awww: That is a good link that was already posted, it has just about all the info you could need.

BTW, cute kid. :thumbsup:

thanks man :thumbsup: i did the grey wire mod a few hours ago. it was simple. just remove the seat and tank. find the wire bundle with the grey wire, pull it out and BAM, it's done. took me about 15 min. the bike seems to be a bit more responsive. not as much as i wanted, but it's a good difference yes. now i need to post a thread about the jetting.

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