wr250f coming soon!

I put my deposit down today. My dealer in B.C. Canada said he expects it sometime in Jan. :)

Coming from a 00' XR 250, I craved more juice and better suspension. I had orginally thought about the WR426F, but after sitting on the WR250F at a bike show, it just felt like it would be a lot more managable in the tight woods I ride.

Thinking about trying Hare Scrambles and a small amount of mx, but mostly woods. After much thought I decided on the WRF vs. YZF.

A few questions though; will it "happily" support my 200lbs (power and suspension), and what's the advantage of the wide ratio tranny for my riding preferences. I've noticed a lot of YZF's racing Hare Scrambles.

Thanks in advance!

Hey, congrats on the purchase! I am same 200 lbs and think the WR250 will be adequate for you in our tight woods. I have the WR400 and it can be a handful in the woods. If it isn't you can always move up to the 400/426 next year. By the way, I am looking for riding buddies in B.C. (Lower Mainland) so if you need an extra rider give me an e-mail at wr_freak@yahoo.com

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