Install new cylinder head

Putting the cylinder head together isnt rocket science. The only real touchy part might be getting the valve lash set. Lots of assemble, measure, disassemble, change shim, reassemble, cross fingers,measure, cuss, drink barley pop. disassemble, remeasure, check batteries in calculator for charge, cuz your right, you just know it, and so on.

Good to see you on here Nate, this place is a wealth of information..I'm sure w/enough onlookers and bs'ing, we'll get that beast back together..gotta hurry though, Chadwick is calling us for the end of the month..hehe

Rancher, I would be happy to fax that portion of the manual to you if you give me your fax #. I have the manual to my 02' yz426....if the assembly and procedures are the same let me know.

? how about the old parts I could my be want them .

I just bought a '00 426 all locked up. I went through the bottom end with new mains and rod kit. Inspected the cylinder and put a new piston in. I had to purchase a new cylinder head, new valves, and seals. I am getting ready to tackle the head but coming from the two stroke world I can use all the help I can get with the head.

If anyone has the service manual close by and a scanner I would really appreciate the assistance.


Nate Scott

Did the head come assembled? Putting the head on is easy to do, but I've never put one together if that is what you are asking...

Thanks all for the FYI. With the help of some buds I got the new valves installed in the new head and set back on the cylinder. I need to get some new shims, I have 3 valves that are loose and one that is tight. One out of five is within specs. I guess one out of five is not bad. If all goes well I should have the beast ready for Chadwick on the 29th.

FYI...I got a service manual for Jason in KC member# 195. Thanks!

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