Pro Circuit website

From everything I've read recently about Mitch, I'd say the webmaster is test-driving his own sense of humor.


I was just going to send them an e-mail asking about the carb canister, and noticed something funny. The header message on the contact page reads as follows:

The Internet is no place to ask for tips on cramming a CR500 motor into a Z50 frame, but believe us, many backyard mechanics have tried. Also, please don't send e-mail requests for jetting tips in the Himalayas, compression and rebound secrets for 350-pound trail riders and requests for sponsorship. If you really think you deserve free stuff, type up a résumé, get your old man to shoot some video at the local races, stick the whole pack in an envelope and send it to us. As soon as we're finished rebuilding Ricky Carmichael's practice bikes, hopping up Jeremy McGrath's watercraft, cleaning the team semi and throwing away the trash from our all-nighter in the motor shop we'll give you a call. Honest.

Good to see they have a sense of humor.


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