XR 650 Fuel Filter

One Of My Buddies Says There's No Way To Put

A Fuel Filter On His XR 650!? Would Someone

Please Talk Him Thru It!


Most XR650R's have a fuel filter--its built into the petcock and rises into the fuel tank. It can get clogged over time and its a good idea to check it once every year or so...

If you need a second fuel filter--not sure why ya would--but if you do need one, you can just splice it in between the carb and the petcock. I run a second tank-the Acerbis under the seat tank, and i have a large filter under my seat between the two tanks. Right next to all those wires...

The best way to put a fuel filter on a 650R is to first install a TM40 Mikuni. The fuel inlet for that carb is further from the petcock and allows space for a filter. The stock carb is hopeless-------------

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