450 Plastic on 426 COMPLETE WITH PICS

Satch - damn it looks good - saw you selling bits on ebay after reading about your accident and thought you were quitting riding :thumbsup:

a couple of questions:

1. Which dealer did you get the graphics from - mine sucks

2. What paint did you use to paint the fabricated brackets?

TimFB, The brackets are easy to make. I used strap metal that I bought from Home Depot. When you begin the mod send me a PM and I will help.

RJB..I am not quitting yet!! LOL I just had 6 weeks to let my collarbone heal so as always I am prone to start tinkering with my bike.

I got the graphics at Central Yamaha in Plano, TX . List on the GYTR "Team Yamaha" graphics is $79 but they sold them to me for $59.

As for the paint I used PJ1 frame paint and clear coat.

Aremean Troy..... Try CentralYamaha.com and I am sure they will order them. If not let me know and I would be happy to get them and mail them off for you.

I'll definitely PM you. Can a '03 kick starter fit on a 426? I never bothered to look when I had both. :thumbsup:

Kickstarter?/ That I do not know.

I figure you swap out the kick starter you lose about 5 pounds! :awww: Ordered my '03 cam for $91 bucks from NCY, plastics, seat, graphics from MX south. Got a '03 AC Racing subframe for $160 from MotosportOutlet, and will order rear M/C, airbox, and tank from NCY tomorrow. That should be about it, huh? :thumbsup:

hey thanks Satch....

Will let you know.

timfurryball: Good luck on your mod! I tell you, its easier than it seems. :thumbsup:


Couple of questions. . . the stock brake line will connect to the '03 rear m/c correct? Also, What do you have to mod on the '03 subframe to get it to fit up? Thanks. I can't wait to start tinkering. This sounds like more of a "fun" project than anything else!

Got a buddy heading back to Singapore around the end of July that can probably bring some bits back if you want.

the stock brake line works perfectly with the 03 master cylinder....no mods there.

On the subframe you will have to cut approx 1/4" off of both "inner" sides of the top mount. The top mount on the 426 frame is a little wider than than the 450 there.

That is really the only mod I had to make to the subframe. I suggest putting the subframe on the bike and attaching both lt and rt lower mounts then raise the subframe up so the top mount meets the frame. This will allow you to mark the top of the subframe where the cuts need to be made.

Hope that is clear...it is very easy so hopefully I described it well.

Hey Satch,

Where do you ride?

I live in Frisco too and am always trying to find places around here. I know about a lot (Red River, Rocky Ridge, Barnwell, Boondoxxx, etc.) but more can never hurt.

I like the conversion. My bro has a 426 and I've got a 450 so you've got a combo of our bikes!


I ride 99% tracks. Nocona MX, Village Creek, Mosier.

Going to a track in Athens Tx tomorrow (about 1 1/2 se of Frisco). You guys should head out with us sometime!

That sounds easy enough. My handy-dandy dremel will come in handy there! :thumbsup:

Hopefully I'm going to start on this soon as well, but the big key for me is the 450 rear master. I'm a bit hesitant to start ordering stuff, because we are staying at my father-in-law's house for the summer, and we owe him 2200 bucks right now, so me might get a bit cranky with me if I start ordering a bunch of bike parts! :thumbsup: That is, unless I can sell my tank, shrouds, seat, rear fender, subframe, sidepanels, rear master, and airbox (minus rubber boot) to someone on here! :awww:

Oh yeah, btw, for sale, rear M/C, plastics, tank, subframe and airbox from an '02 426! :thumbsup:

hmmm.... just one more thing I forgot to state.


its a joy to play with the jetting with the kit cos of the easy access....


Really??? I did not even notice that! hmmmmmmmmmm

I didnt know it till one day, on a race day, realised that my spark plug felt weird :awww:.... And being the lazy person I am :lol:... I tried to change the plugs the easy way.

Anyway, you will need the plug opener that came with the bike (the one with a hinge in the middle)

cheers :thumbsup:

im interested in a subframe/seat/tank/and shrouds/airbox from an '03. i have 4 shrouds, 1 tank, 2 seats, subframe, airbox, number plates and rear fender from an '02 to sell. email me back. :thumbsup:

Do you need to buy the little aluminum washers/spacers that go with the stock plastics, because after market ones don't come with them? :thumbsup:

I was told by Yamaha that the "spacer inserts" on the shrouds are sold only with the OEM shrouds. I reused most of my 426 stuff and ordered new bolts/screws.

BTW Thursday I will be back in the shop. I will give you a PM.

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