450 Plastic on 426 COMPLETE WITH PICS

I cut my subframe at the top mount and it bolted right up. No modification for the exhaust...it lined up. Are you sure your sub wasn't damaged in shipping??? You didn't cut yours did you? Send it back if you can.

The subframe lines up and fits right onto the frame. I trimmed the frame mount near the tank instead of the subframe mount. For some reason it just doesn't seem to line up well. Tabs are all in the right places, but it's just tweaked, or manufactured out of spec somehow.

anyone looking for 450 plastic, i just put some up in the parts for sale forum.

It's ALIVE! Shims came in today and I checked clearances and put in the new cam. Ended up going with a 195 and 205 shim. I was real nervous about starting her up. Wondered if I timed it correctly, cam in right position, etc. After a couple of kicks, put the choke on and Vroom! It even sounded like a different bike (which I hope is normal!) Anyways, the bike feels slimmer and almost exactly like my old '03 450. Power wise, the power comes on sooner and pulls longer than the 426. I loved the pull of the bike, along with the gear ratio of the 426, as opposed to my old 450's 4 cog gear box. Just seems so much funner with this much power and the smooth delivery of 5 gears! Two thumbs up, and a BIG MAHAlO (thank you) to Satch who guided me through this process! :thumbsup::devil:

Some late night pics. . . more to follow tomorrow. .



I can't see the pics!!! I am assuming you got the subframe straight. I think you will really enjoy your 426 now ....feels like a 450 and a SMOOTH powerband that is alot of fun. Like a new bike eh? :thumbsup:

Before and after. . .



SSSHSHHHHHHWWWWEEETTT. A 5 speed 450!! :thumbsup::devil:

I tell you, this bike turns sharper than my '04 CRF! It's a blast to ride, but I'm having issues with the bog. I cleaned out the carb last night, but it looked really clean. I'm wondering what the chances of the cams being out of whack are? :thumbsup: It looked just like the PDF pics when I was finished. . .

Awesome! You did it in a hurry too. I thought things go slower in Hawaii? :thumbsup:

I thought things go slower in Hawaii?

How'd you know that? :thumbsup:

I was born there and left after 3rd grade. I lived in Aina Hina.

If anyone is interested in doing the mod check out the parts I have for sale.

450 Plastic for sale

Will this work with the 400 by getting the 426 radiators?


I am not sure if you would have to change the radiators...I dont think so but send a PM to aremean_troy . He did it to his 400...here is a pic of it:


Don't forget I have a brand new 450 subframe for sale, $175 shipped!

Hey Satch, looks like you're running a Thunder Alley with a stock header? Maybe that's why I'm having so much trouble hooking up my exhaust. The rear-most bolt screws into the subframe, but the lower subframe mount will not line up. I have a Dr. D full system, so maybe this could be the problem?

I am running a Pro Circuit T-4 complete system (with a custom "Satch" header heat shield! LOL)

an oldie but apparently good thread.

wow this is an awesome thread...all the bike look like 450's... i really dont want to do the conversion (if/when i get my 400) but i do love the retro plastics offered on the new 450's so it may well be worth it to have that retro look.... nath

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