Pain and Injury

I just got out of the hospital today. Crashed hard Sunday, overjumped a double, landed hard on my side. Well I got up moaned back to the truck. Realizing I was only going to feel worse with time I went back out on the track. Third jump I totally lost my breath and managed to get home with the help of a buddy loading up my bike. Went to the ER and found I had two broken ribs and a punctured lung.A surgeon came in and re-inflated me with a chest tube (Hurt like hell) and stayed in hospital for three days. The moral of the story is I really belive I broke the ribs on the first impact and trying to be tough I puntured the lung jumping with the ribs broke. This is such a rough sport it is often hard to tell pain from injury. Be careful guys. :):D

HEY man, monster mtn. get ya????? sorry about that, take it easy..................heal jimbo

Yea... Jimbo it bit me. See ya in a couple of months. :)

Hey man, sorry to hear about your injury.

I am just curious, did whatever puncture your lung crack your chest protector too? If so, is there any way you can post a picture of the chest protector.

The reason I ask is because I just can't get myself to wear one, they feel too bulky. This might be the kick I need to start wearing one.


are you kidding me ? :D

Are you asking if something went through his chest protector ?

Dude the guy punctured his lung from the broken rib,

yznvegas :):D

Man got any more of what you taking :D

I swear by my chest protector, If in fact Fox was probably not wearing his, his injury may have been substancially worse. I dislocated my sholder once and I think the only reason it did not shatter was the fact the the chest protectors shoulder protection save it from bending all the way around. Hurt like hell excpecially when I wa the one who had to snap it back into place...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I made the devil blush that morning


Ouch know the feeling all to well

Speedy recovery :D


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Ego, sorry, I didn't read the last sentence of his post where he talked about riding with the broken ribs.

Just curious, if the ribs are broken, an impact occured so somewhere the chest protector had to come into play. So, it wasn't a dumb question after all ego, SO THERE. :)

No not a dumb question

but it would be a really cool picture

Actually a chest protector helped him. It would take the impact point and transfer it to a larger surface area. That should lessening the force on one area and help to guard against injury.

Or something like that. I am starting remembering physics classes.

Dude wear your gear! Mine has save a probably broken rib and dislocated shoulder going over the bars, hitting them on the way over and landing directly on my shoulder. There is no substitute for good gear!

Amen preach bro

I forgot my protector last night,

I had that on the back of my mind all the ride.

I used to be a journeyman welder. I would always preach to me apprentices (young Padwan Lerners)

the ability to not get burned is to were the equipment. To me the better protected you feel the more you concentrate on the task at hand

Which jump on the Monster got ya Fox

Man I know you guys aren't going to belive me but I was wearing my HRP Flak-Jak as well as a foam padded rib protector like football players wear.No kidding I have been wearing it in addition to my chest protector for about 6 mos. since my last bruised ribs.I think the blunt force generated by the end of the handlebar must be tremendus. 98, It was actually the little step-up going into Coles corner, I just hit it way to hard and overjumped it all the way into the approaching berm

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heres my lil story, this past weekend we built a track in my back field, just finally rode it today about an hour ago. testin out all the jumps and everything and i decide im cool and try this lil double double, well i go for the second double and i just BAM! nose over immediatly (NO! i did not chop the f'in throttle) clip the front wheel on the landing and the shi* hit the fan from there. landed right on my chest and shoulder and head. i couldnt breather for about a minute and thought i broke my sternum or something cuz i was makin some weird noises. right before i got my helmet on i looked at my chest protector and decided not to wear it, now i am NEVER jumping ANYTHING again without it. i think i may of bruised a rib or two and now i also have a 3rd knee on my right shin and the top of my spine at my neck hurts pretty bad lol, i dont know what that means but boy does it hurt. moral of the story: WEAR THE CHEST PROTECTOR! boy oh boy how i wish i could take back an hour in time. :)

please, if you jump, wear the chest protector, dont go through the scary scenario i and many others went through. its very scary to not be able to breathe on your own and your laying there while your bike flips twice and hoping it doesnt land on you

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