Doug Henry

Every year doug(along with dowd, team Husky, YOT, and a ton of privateers) go out to the dunes where i ride. I was going to ask him today why he dosent ride the four stroke anymore but some A-hole called the cops on everyone. My guess would be he likes the nimbleness (thats not a word is it?) of the 2-stroke and the light weight. Anyone wanna take a guess? Btw, i'm not trying to start a war here but am just wondering what you guys think.

His factory thumper with works suspension and other trick weight saving parts would be much easier to ride than a stock 426. He most likely rides the YZ250 due to its lighter weight. The 2 strokes are also easier and cheaper to hop up for a pro level rider. I mean the guy shows up in his pick up so I guess he is footing the bill himself these days. Just my take on it....

yup, he still has a mechanic though. All his past rides were two-strokes and he has always been a two-stroke guy. I think that his contract stated he could only run the 4-stroke, thats why he ran it. I think his YZ 250 has some works parts on it though. You can hear that thing from about 2 miles away. :)

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