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I begged, and begged, and pleaded, then begged some more, for my parents to get me  a dirtbike when I was growing up, and never got one.  I had to wait until I was 27 years old till I could afford one.  I know why they never got me one, it was because they were dangerous and neither of my parents knew anything about riding so I can understand why they never got me one. 
I was lucky that I had a friend that had invited me to his house, after school, so I could learn how to use the clutch on his 1978 KE100-it was a total heap but ran and I was able to learn how to use the clutch and shift, thank you Evan Darling-I know you are still out there.  Had he not taught me, I wonder if I'd be riding today.  
My wife and I have sort of spoiled our two kids in that they both got bikes and had never asked for them.  

Almost the same deal here. Begged for one and got a 1970s Rupp Roadster. Looking back - neat bike. I was thankful but it was no ‘dirtbike’ and it was heavy. Terrible for learning as a young/small rider. Never anything after that except the Chinese dirtbike that was bought for my younger sister (which I rode more often). I lost interest in that bike but I kept dreaming of getting a real dirtbike. I can now afford my own as well as my son’s and now we ride almost every weekend. Really enjoying getting into the sport and getting my son into it.
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On 6/21/2019 at 8:17 AM, I'm trying said:

Your parents suck. Making you ride a 4t?!!!

Ya, had he been born a few decades earlier, he'd be on a 2t. :lol:

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