YZ450 vs YZ250

I am looking to get a new bike guys and I need some help. I have a WR250F yz'd out but it just isn't working on the track or jumps. It feels heavy and not super nimble. I want a lighter bike withmore power for mx and trail riding. Will a YZ450 feel much lighter like a 250 smoker? I love riding 2 stroke 250's but feel a 450 would be better overall for trails and mx. My concern is the WR is about 20 punds heavier than a YZ and mine has all of the parts removed and pipe etc. getting it closer. Will a 450 feel light and jump like a 250 two stroke or do I need a smoker? :thumbsup:



My brother has a '01 YZ250 (smoker) and I ride an '03 450F. After riding both bikes, I think his feels a little lighter and handles a bit better. I think mine is more fun to ride because of the power and it still handles very well. I ride the 450 in the desert mostly and it works for me for that. I really think it comes down to opinion. Both have positives and negatives and both are great bikes. :thumbsup:

I am so torn! From what I have heard the YZF feels heavy compared to a CRF450. I have rode an 03' CRF450 stock and I am just not at all impressed with the power. I have never ridden a YZF 450 so I don't know what to expect. I have my WR as listed that is at least 13 pounds lighter than stock putting it close to the YZF 450. I feel like it is heavy and I don't want to buy another bike to be disappointed. I ride trails alot but they are open and I go pretty fast so I think a two smoke can hack it but the 450 would be nice. When I felt the bikes side to side the 250 smoker feels way lighter than the 450. :thumbsup: Will a 450 feel like my bike or lighter? I can keep my WR for trails if I need to. I want this bike for trails, MX, and basic free riding. Thanks for your input guys keep it coming! :awww:

I mostly ride MX and I just sold my 2001 CR250 and bought a used 2004 YZF 450. Best decision I ever made. The four stroke power is alot easier to handle approaching jumps and I feel that I can jump farther and maintain better control. It's also easier to get on the gas earlier in the corners. I did notice a small weight gain but I got used to it very quickly. This is a very versatile bike and I don't think you will be disappointed.

Ive got a yz450 and love it.It does take a little manhandling and after a day of riding I am beat, but the power is awsome, no matter where you are on the track there is always tons of power left, and on the flip side of it being a brute to handle it is rock solid stait on the track hit the throttle and it just goes strait, hit a jump and its very stable in the air.Get the 450 you will love it, just be in shape for a long day at the track, thats for sure.

I just switched this last year from a YZ125 to a YZ450f. I was like you, very worried about the weight issue, but I can say, I am thrilled. The 450 has more than enough power to make the weight not much of an issue. I fact, I recently took my old 125 out for a spin and actually got more tired man-handling it around compaired to the smooth power of the 450.

i have a friend that has a 02 yz 250 and it runs pretty good, but nothing compare to my cousins crf 450. the 450 just runs so much better and and has a lot better power delivery. it is a lil bit heavier but the power makes up for it.

now i have a yz 400 and it is a crap ton heavier then the 250 and the 450 but it will still whoop that stinkin smoker on the track and in a straight line :thumbsup:. but maybe thats cuz of the driver! :awww:)

I ride a yz450 and love the engine and i do all trail riding.My friend just bought a yz250,i have to say it is sweet and does feel lighter and is easier to turn than the 450.

i have a 2003 yz250 and i have ridden an 04 450. let me tell you that i cant tell a weight difference.im actually selling my bike to get the yz450f because the power is so smooth compared to the 250. so in my opinion i would get the 450 due to the smoothness. and besides if your wr is 13lbs heavier than the 450, then it will feel a whole hell of alot lighter to you

Looks like I am getting the 450 guys! Thanks for your help.

Smooth is for cadillacs! I actually enjoy the brute feeling of the 250 coming on the pipe... it's all a preference. With either bike your getting the finest motocross bike ever made, the 04 suspension is the s__t. The 250 is definitly lighter (feels like a mountain bike) and real easy to start.

Up until a couple of months ago, I owned a 2000 426 and a 2001 YZ250. Both of these bikes were awesome in their own ways. I loved the power of the 426 but hated the starting drill and the weight. The YZ250 was snappier, lighter, turned sharper, and started much easier. I decided I wanted the best of both worlds. I sold them both and purchased a 2004 450F. Best choice I have made in a long time. Runs strong, starts easy, don't notice the weight, and it handles fantastic. Buy a 450F and you will be very happy :thumbsup: Let me know if you have any questions.

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