Got some bad news in the mail today....

Or maybe not I just got another GREEN sticker in the mail for two more years.Sorry for posting but, i am so excited because at the dmv office they said it would be a red sticker :)

Later and happy riding

Bill :D:D

That means you can ride MetCalf.

Think of the fun??!!

Metcalf where is that? :) Let's go dave J.It means i can keep going to foresthill.I saw the rangers tell two riders their day was done.

Metcalf is still open, that rock invested, bone jarring, ill prepared rip off of a riding area is still open........

Somethings never change

Metcalf is a dangerous area to ride. It is full of rocks bolders and just badly layed out. Maybe I am biased, I got hurt real bad there ten yrs back. The ground is so rcoky and boldery, It kicked my butt off the cr390 and I bailed tail bone first right onto a bolder..... Never again...


I have an 00 just registered it in Hollister Green sticky and all.

Maybe just maybe if you register it in Hollister they will produce a greeny. Anyway the lines are well lest say there is none.. Hehe

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Metcalf is just off Highway 85, right before it leaves San Jose. You turn off right before 85 hits 101 when going south. There are signs.

It's a county run park, whereas Hollister is state.

It's small and mostly a good place to take the kids, or perhaps a good place to quickly test a new setup. 15-20 minutes away.

I was kind of just kidding because it's a something of a beginner's land. Not to say that Hollister is much better, (sorry Ego).

Let's stick with Club Moto, or perhaps one of these days we can get out to R-Speed, OOOORRR...load up and hit the Hangtown track....(my fav!!).

Now if I could only find my shock.


as u can see, i'm from laredo, tx....

what if i go to calif, how do i get a temporary sticker?

No worries DaveJ, I used to ride metcalf alot my own back yard, But they closed it once from a law suit and becouse they really never maintain it or improve it and I got hurt there. I just dont play with matches anymore.

As far as Hollister goes, man its a big improvement from 10 + years ago.........


You don't need a sticker. Just bring your registration card and license.

It's the same way they deal with bikes that are new and have not been stickered.

Besides, the red sticker thing is nearing extinction.



I picked up on your sarcasm.I also realize the green is not a big deal.But i was dumbfounded since they told me i would get a red sticker.Holister is pretty cool just a big dust bowl.But for trail riding with a buddy it's fun.I don't think i am ready for any track riding yet.Still trying to slim my fat a$$ down.But if anyone wants to do some trail riding i am almost always up to the task.

Hey Ego You don't ride with a guy with a super clean KTM 380 do you?


p.s Going to holister again on sunday angain parking by the Pit Stop Store.

Now why would I aggravate myself and ride with any KTM

I out of the line up for a few weeks Bike needs work, Wife Needs attention and my kids started robbing banks for attention

I been grounded actually have to get ready for a wedding in two weeks

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Blue One

I may be ther Sunday, if I do I will be bringing my daughter to test here new gear :)

We will be in the kiddie area at the pitstop camp.

I will definetly look for you. Ya cant miss me if I am there, I will have the Camcorder standing in the middle taping my daughter on the xr70

Hope to see ya

Originally posted by DaveJ:

Besides, the red sticker thing is nearing extinction.

What do you mean by this? What do you know?

I have a 01 WR426 that I am pretty happy with except it has a red sticker. If one of the new 03 MX models gets a green then I was gonna upgrade, unless the whole issue is going away.

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