metal in oil-426

A couple of weeks ago I started to hear a strange sound from my engine, so I tore it down and found one of the timing chain guides had broke a caused the chain to slap against the stator(making lots of metal in my oil). I also found both cam gears and the crank gear are worn very badly. Anyhow for the last week I have been rounding up parts for my bike(I just ordered about $1000 worth of engine parts I found bad). Sucks the crank gear is part of the crank. Tonight I decided to start cleaning every thing up. I cleaned all the metal out of every where I could think of. One thing that really surprized me was there was not that much metal in the screen that srews up into the frame, however I decided to flush the frame with brakecleaner and this is what came out. metalfromframe.jpg Just a reminder, anyone who rebuilds there yz should definetly clean everything thourouly. Have a great day.

Hmm.. That´s bad man..

my cb drive gear ground up a (factory-tightened) torx screw that came off the CB gear... i found almost all of the metal from that on the magnetic drain plug. that plug is easily the cheapest insurance you can buy. :thumbsup:

Good Point, I am actually running a magnetic drain plug, but all that metal is aluminium from the stator plate. Aluminiumcan still damege stuff though.

I just did my crank for the same reason..I bought a new cam chain and didn't like the way the crank gear looked. so out it came.don't forget to replace the crank bearings while your there.

When I blew the box in my WR I stripped everything (bar the head) and cleaned it in kero bath a few times, then washed off with petrol followed by blowing down with compressed air. After reassembly it still took 2 oil changes to get a clean filter. I cleaned out the frame and all the oil lines, so god knows where the debris was hiding.

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