Pictures of the XR650R Elect. Start kit

Well guys, my Baja Designs electric start kit arrived today. Below are two pictures of the majority of the kit minus the installation manual and nuts, bolts, gasket and a little bit of the wiring. The instruction manual is very detailed step by step. With wiring diagrams at the back.

Notice how thin the battery is, it is the black rectangular box in the center.

It came with a battery tender,a new custom shift lever made to fit with the new case piece and a flywheel removal tool. The starter motor weighs almost 5lbs and the rest of the kit weighs another 4lbs.

The large gear in front of the battery must be precisely pressed on the flywheel of the bike. Baja Designs will do that free of charge but I must pay the shipping both ways.

They also state that the charging system will work better if you have the stator wound to double its output. That is optional however and the stock stator will only have a problem keeping the battery charged if you your riding real slow with the headlight running. I think I will wind my stator for the extra output. The battery will be located under the seat over the top of the air box under the sub-frame. It is velcroed both top and bottom into positon. By the way, the battery cost $160.00 to replace.

It will be a while before I get it installed since I have decided to have Baja Designs press the gear on the flywheel. It must be precisely pressed on or the starter will not work correctly. Im not sure if I am going to rewind my stator or pay them $120.00 to do the job. This may end up costing me $1,000.00 before I'm done.

It definately looks well made but the proof is going to be in the finished installation. I could have saved about $40.00 on the kit since I already have the battery tender and the flywheel removal tool. I did not know they were a part of the kit.



Thanks for the photos and info. Looks like a well designed kit.

I bet Honda takes notice that there is enough interest in this feature

that people are willing to spend $1000.00 over the price of the bike.

:awww::lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ;)

I sold my highly modified 2002 XR650R and bought a 2003 DRZ400S for 1 reason, I really wanted the electric start :mad::usa: but nobody had one. The XR650R was a beast :thumbsup: my DRZ is a wimp compared to it but it is street legal and has the E-start

I would switch back in a second NOW that the XR has the E-start.... any takers :lol: :lol:

Wow, it looks great :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for the pics. I'm glad to hear the battery doesn't fit inside the airbox. When you do get it together, could you please take a few more pics of it, especially of the battery fitment. The kit looks stout and well made and is starting to grow on me :awww: You're the first to have a CRF650X :lol:


Go you happen to know if the kit is compatable with the Baja Designs dual sport kit. If it is I would assume that the starter battery would replace the current small battery on top of the air box. I would hope that they took into account all of us dual sported guys when they put togethor the magic button kit. Thanks for the photos and please keep us posted as you make progress on your installation. A true rider report once it gets done will be a big help to us that are starting to get the e-start itch :thumbsup:

Yes it is compatable. In fact the installation manual includes sections specifically for those who have the dual sport kit installed. :thumbsup:

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