which has more HP the 426 or 450

guy's which bike produces more horsepower?? the YZ426 or the YZ450?? also how much HP does the new 450 make???

The 450 ofcourse, I'm not sure how much mure but my dealer told me the engine was making about 60hp, so it would be about 50 to the rear tire.

the 426 has more ... I SWEAR >>>I SWEAR !!!!! LOL :thumbsup:

I can say that I'm POSITIVE my 426 has much more h.p. than my riding partners "Old" (1982) CR-450. :thumbsup:


If you look at the GYTR catalog, they have dyno run charts for there pipes, and it looked like to me that the 426 had more HP? but I could have been reading it wrong? :thumbsup:

I'm going to have to say the 450. becuase generally the more displacement the more ponie sthere are. i dunno how much more though.

YZ450s produce between 49-51.5 HP in stock form, based on published dyno charts. YZ426s run between 46-48. The best improvement in peak power I've seen in print for an exhaust system on a 450 was 1.5, although there were some that spread the power out quite a bit.

Its really not about horsepower in either case...both bikes are very fast, and i feel the 426 has a snappier mid-top end vs the 450. What makes the 450 "feel" faster is its flatter torque curve and reduced weight.

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