Ceramic Coating

Can anybody give me advice on where to get my new thunder alley pipe ceramic coated . I would have went with the guy that does it for thunder alley but I was told that it could be up to 3 weeks . I dont want to wait that long . I cant bear to wait that long after I have waited a whole 3 days to get the pipe ( will be here thursday ) . PLEASE HELP ! :)

Try some of the local muffler shops. They sometimes get headers coated. Your exaust would be just as easy.

you can talk to TT member intothumpin or call Embee Powder Coatings. they even give a discount to TT members, so you've gotta like that. yes, you'll have to ship them your pipe, but it was no big deal really.

here is their web site Embee

p.s. they do ALL of the factory yamaha bikes for mx and sx as well as the Yamaha of Troy bikes.

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I know this sounds stupid but what benefit does one see from a ceramic coated exhaust system?

I think its done to prevent corrosion, plus I hear that it looks cool.....By the way, does anybody have a picture of a ceramic coated thunder alley or other components?



YZnvegas, its really not a stupid question. I had mine done at Embee coatings. It wont rust, looks really bitchen and it lowers the pipe temp a bunch, which will raise the exhaust temp in the pipe which promotes flow, which will acentuate the action of the reverse cone megaphone. Basically its all good baby.

When we had the headers on the Super Stock Flatbottom done that I used to wrench on, the ceramic coating gave us 12 horse accross the board. I couldnt hardly believe it.

I was and still am really surprised how tough the stuff is. I figured being ceramic it would chip easily, but it doesnt. I have quite a few hours on mine, and it still looks brand new. I also found out that you can polish the stuff up with mag wheel polish. Id recommend it.

Do they coat the whole exhaust system or just the head pipe? Would this benefit a stock exhaust system?

you can have ANY part of the exhaust coated you want.

i had my entire Dr.D pipe coated.

one thing that team yamaha found was that due to the closeness of the shock resaviour to the pipe, the oil inside was boiling due to heat from the pipe. also, i have several friends that say on long races (2-3 hours) the brake fluid in its resaviour will also become heated due to the closeness of the pipe.

Originally posted by rvanliere:

I dont want to wait that long . I cant bear to wait that long after I have waited a whole 3 days to get the pipe ( will be here thursday ) . PLEASE HELP ! :) [/QB]



We can coat your pipe and turn it around in 3 to 5 days. We've done some pipes directly for Bob @ Thunder Alley and he was very pleased with our product. I don't think we have ever taken 3 weeks. He must be using another coater now. If he hasn't already shipped it, have him drop ship it to Embee, then we can ship it directly to you. This will shave a few days off your wait due to shipping back and forth to your address.

We'll give any TT'r a discount on coatings. We do Piston Coating, Powder Coating & Ceramic Exhaust Coating. Along with Hard Anodize, Anodize, Nickel Plating & Shop Peen.

You have to mention my name Bruce Stavron & Thumper Talk Website.

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Intothumpin , thanks for the reply , do you have any idea of the cost , I called yor company and talked to a guy named Ben. He said it would take about 2-4 days but that I should send my header pipe with it . I will be recieving the thunder alley silencer today or Friday otherwise I would have had him send it to you first. I want it shiny , not black or grey . and also I dont do credit cards , I could send a money order . What is the discount price $ please PM me with the info if its easier for you . I have already decided that I want you to do it . Just want to know my price and where to send it . plus shipping costs . I live in South Dakota at Zip Code 57018. P.S. when I asked Bob at thunder alley he said he wasnt sure on the time - he just guessed 3 weeks , thinking you might be overwhelmed with work and didnt want to promise any shorter of a time .

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fyi i can hold my hand about 1/2" away from the headpipe where it bends around the water hose on my 250F. and leave it there as long as i want.

i doubledog dare ya to even consider doing that with a stock pipe. i'm sure your flesh would start smoking in no time at all. it makes that big a difference.

back by the shock, you can hold your hand scary close to the pipe. i mean you'll get nervous as to how close you can get to it.

it looks killer on my bike too.

Thanks for the replies guys. This coating makes sennse to me especially since some days I am riding in 110 degree heat. It sure would be nice to take that edge off when it comes to pipe heat.

Any pics of what one of these jobs looks like?

Originally posted by yznvegas:

Do they coat the whole exhaust system or just the head pipe? Would this benefit a stock exhaust system?

Lowering the external temperture and reducing the radiant heat that comes off your exhaust, especially at the head pipe does several things. 1. It makes your bike a whole lot more comfortable to ride. You know what I mean if you have ever riden one of these things in the tight trails or deep canyons. The heat coming off the pipe gets pretty intense. 2. It improves the performance of your stock pipe by increasing the scavaging effect. Keeping the heat in the pipe increases the flow of the exhaust gasses. This in effect helps the pipe scavange more of the burnt gasses from the combustion chamber.

I coated my stock pipe on my 250F and had to rejet afterwards. It actually leaned the motor out enough to make me go up one size on the main Jet. I haven't done a bunch of testing on the 426 but I would guess you will notice a difference. Besides the pipe will look awesome and stays that way.

you can look at it HERE

Thanks for the pic but that pipe looks the same as my stock pipe. Maybe I just can't tell because of the picture??? :)

Wow, I think it looks Badass!!! Is the pic from when you first installed it or does it have a few rides on it? My pipe is a few shades of blue/black/purple up near the head to the bend, and kind of a copper/gold color the rest of the way out to the muffler. Every once in a while I'll pull the pipe of and clean it with some metal cleaner and scotch brite, but it only looks good till I start it up. I think I'll give it a try if it stays like that.


My pipe still looks just like SUnruh's, and Ive got at least 15 hours on it. It doesnt change color, or get dull or anything. Its bitchen.

that pic is with 3 hare scrambles on it.

HERE is what the Dr. D looked like brand new out of the box on my bike. the stainless will change colors very quickly. about what the color of the welds on the joints and mount tabs look like.

Does the coating keep your pants from melting?



What did they do to the weld joints when they coated the pipe? It looks like they really cleaned up and finished the welds in that first picture. Actually, they dont even look like welded joints, they look like stepped flanges....looks like really nice work.


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