Consensus on Fork Seals

Went Riding Last night after work with me bud. I was just amuzine my self on how I didnt crash in slow turns :D , actually just leading my buddy up some trails and around just enjoying the 96 degree day in the hills putsing around, taking small jumps, berm shots, riding ruts and general just haveing a cow trail day.

My left seal blew :) I have searched the site for the answer, found only these:

1: Shorten Spring about 4mm tighter fit of dust seal

2: Buy Honda Fork Seals

3: Buy Yamaha FOrk Seals

4: Buy Dust Covers Thats a good one

So my question / Concensus is this:

BTW The Seal is gone I can not repair it

1: Pro Con on After Market = too Yamaha Seals

Ego, I've been replacing my own seal for quite a while. Here is what I've come up with;

1. No need to shorten seal spring

2. Yamaha seals work fine if you do the following

3. Completely empty all oil from your fork (fully disassemble the fork)

4. Make sure oil levels are as close to each other as you can get

5. Make sure that you dont cut the oil seal or the dust seal putting them on. I use a thick plastic bag and some oil

6. I use alot of RG2 grease under the dust seal.

Good Luck

Ask Juohn Curea resident suspension guru. I think he told me MX-Tech uses the stock Yamaha seals???

Don't forget to check your forkleg for dings. If you have any, you can touch them up LIGHTLY with a sharpening stone (hard/arkansas).


I have used the Factory Yam fork seals and they last better than any thing else that I have used.

Ok! went with the Dust seals from mx-tech, K&L Seals from rockymountain.

Figure what the heck. I'm not gonna be riding for a few weeks (3 :D ) got a wedding to go to and vacation so me wife said :) NO :D

Just like that Go Figure


Replace the seals and get a set of sealsavers :) I put them on after replacing two sets of fork seals. Haven't blown them yet. I don't do a lot of jumping though. I ride a lot of rocky rooty woods. Well worth the money.


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What do you suggest I just went to the seal savers advertised here there on vacation and wont process it till after the 12th

Great advertiser

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Dbl check slider tube for any knicks, file smooth with VERY fine hard file.

You already have seals, however, Yamaha seals aren't expensive and the fit/finish is perfect.

Two options to avoid future blows outs:

Wild Skins makes little booties for the fork seals. These go over your dust seal and are just a few inches long. They fit snug under your fork gaurd guide - all different colors from White Brothers, TR, or PU.

If you ride at high speeds (top gear stuff) with any type of granite et al. I've seen riders use the Wild Skins fork skins ON the slider tube itself. The Neoprene skin practically covers the whole slider part.

Since using the smaller Wild Skinz for seal cover, I've not had a blown seal. This goes for my 98, 99, 00, and 01 YZF426s. I have many many high speed miles and the covers work magic.

Wash them once a month or so and they stay looking new.

Good luck - OH, you can do the seals easily yourself. Follow the Yamaha guide. I've helped over a dozen friends change theirs out. It helps if you have air tools - TREMENDOUSLY.

Thanks on the advise, Been doing me own work since I started riding. Seals are a breeze.

I have looked at the tubes all seem clean no niks cracks or scratches, I think I just plum worn em out..

I have been looking at the seal savers though I have been undecided I think I will go ahead and get em...

Thanks again

I'm fixing to my first seal job tonight. :)

I went with K&L seals from R.M. also. and Yamaha dust seals.

I ordered my Seal Savers directly from Seal $18 and were at my doors in 3 days.

Look at the pic of my bike in my signature to see the seal savers mounted in the stock fork guards.

BTW, my seals were leaking before I put the sealsavers on. I just cleaned the seal and put the seal savers on. I ran the sealsavers on my DRZ and never had a leak.

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What link

This may be very anal, but I pull the dust wiper down on my forks after every ride and clean and re-grease (either lith soap base or bel-ray water proof grease) between the oil seal and dust seal. my 2000 426 is still on it's original seals and I ride both MX and woods in the northeast.

No to me dirtdad, This is what I am looking for. Orderd my skins today.....



1. I use BIKE MASTER replacement seals...yep! They are made in Italy and are actually a very nice, high quality seal. They are tighter than the stockers and take a bit of break-in.

2. Clean the inner rim of the seal using a laminated playing card, the kind you play poker with. Just remove the protector guide and run the corner of the playing card all the way around, pulling down as you go, you will be amazed at the trash you can get out...

3. Use a bit of seal grease on the inner lip at reassembly. Along with a plastic bag to keep from slicing the inner lip.

My seals have been holding fine for 6 months now, and I ride 3-4 times a month usually.

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Oops, I meant Profile.


Have you ever heard of a place called Turkey bay near land between the lakes? Also I went to your profile and saw the stand for your bike. I was going to buy a stand but one of my buddys got his stolen out of the back of his truck. That one looks like it didn't cost a whole lot and works just as well? What gauge metal is that?

1999 kawasaki kx5oo for seals.they are made of different rubber compound than yamahas.i swittch to them almost 2 yrs ago and still no leaks.the only down side is there $17 ea. compared to $5ea yamaha and honda seals.

Originally posted by edareus:


Have you ever heard of a place called Turkey bay near land between the lakes? Also I went to your profile and saw the stand for your bike. I was going to buy a stand but one of my buddys got his stolen out of the back of his truck. That one looks like it didn't cost a whole lot and works just as well? What gauge metal is that?

We ride at Turkey Bay every weekend. We have a big ride planned for tomorrow. Should have about 15-20 people. Some coming from TN, MO, KY, and maybe IN. If you can make it, come on out and ride with us.

I can't remember what guage metal it is. It's just cheapo perf. angle iron from hardware store. All bolted together. It's lasted for 2 years and through 3 bikes so far. :)

ego,i also pack under dustcap with vasoline not lithium grease.its a little thicker,doesnt break down as fast so it wont get passed fork seals and contaminate your fork oil as easy as lithium grease.


Will KY jelly Do do ododedo :)

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