Concrete Starting tips???

A local track installed a concrete starting line. I am having a lot of wheel spin problems and therefore lousy starts. Does anyone have some good tips for this? I was thinking of doing a 3rd gear start. I practiced it once and it seemed fast.




Thanks so much, that is a great article!!! I am going to ride a Loretta Lynn's regional at this track with possibly 40 riders on the gate so this will be a big help! The start will be very important.

Thanks again!


Great if you win any money I get 10% :)

Good luck


lol! :)

I grew up racing at Soutwick, the trick is not to just pop the clutch, in 1 smooth motionout with the clutch and turn on the gas, when your off the concrete then hammer hard. It has always worked for me , but you will have practice to see what is the best for you.

Good Luck

Ride Fast Take Chances

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