01 WR 426 Mods???


I've seen alot of posts for the WR 450, and I'm sure that the posts about the mods for the 426 are old news, but I was trying to figure out what mods specifically apply to the 01 WR 426. I'm new to this list and this bike and I'm haveing trouble making my way around both. I imagine the exhaust insert and airbox lid mods are standard, but does the throttle stop and grey wire mod apply to the 01 as well? All posts seem to address the 450 only. (If so, 01 YZ throttle stop or just cut it?)I know to advance the timing too, but if I do all these "free" mods will I have to adjust stock jetting or re-jet altogether, or no adjustments at all? Right now the jetting is bone stock, with the stock adjustments, the timing is advanced to YZ, and the insert is out. A local New Hampshire dealer told me to leave the lid on the box otherwise I'll be blowing through air filters after EVERY ride? (I've recently had some experiences causing me to lose faith in dealers for WR repairs, and NH guru's I should know about?) Any suggestions to walking the beast would be helpful (such as carb settings for the free mods in NH at +/- 220'..and I have a mid throttle surging when running at a constant RPM) My buddy bought a DR and I want him toasted! :awww: Also, what is a Zip-ty, and is the BK mod really necessary? Where do I find help on the BK? Add a GYT-R insert or leave it out? Thanks for taking the time to read and answer all this!! :thumbsup::lol: To make it short, what are the much needed free mods, and what are the jet settings I should be trying? THANKS!!

you need to put this on the WR426 forum.

This is the YZF 400/426/450 forum.

A local New Hampshire dealer told me to leave the lid on the box...

This isn't by chance those idiots at Freedom Cycle in Concord, is it...???

FYI: I am halfway between Concord and Portsmouth off of Route 4.

yz cam timing, decent pipe, BK mod, (throttle stop and wire chop if you bike had them), jet it to suit then u have a YZ with lights :thumbsup:

Great! Thanks guys, sorry bout teh wrong forum.

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