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Trenton Barnett

Crf150r inner crankcase damage! Help!

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So I recently bought a locked up Crf150r for 250$ that is in really rough shape. I got the bike completely tore down and be cases split and everything looks very new like it just got rebuilt. The only damage i found was the cylinder had a a nick at the top, the piston oil ring was damaged and the underside of the piston had a bunch of nicks and small gouges in it like something from the bottom end broke into a bunch of small pieces and went up into the cylinder. I split the cases though and all the bearings and gears and everything showed no signs of damage. It had a wiseco crank in it that also looked brand new. I think the reason it was locked up was something with the piston, cylinder cuz once I got those out the crank and everything spun very smoothly and freely. 

The only thing that I am concerned about and need help with though is on the inside of the crankcase halves where the crank goes, there is some damage right in the middle all the way around. It looks like the main bearing went at some point and the crank crashed into the walls surrounding it and scored it up. There is also lots of nicks and gouges but not too bad. I just need to know if it is ok to run the cases like that or if I’ll need new cases or to get them worked on. I wouldn’t think it would affect anything because it doesn’t come in contact with the crank or anything but I just wanted to get somebodies opinion on it who knows what they are talking about before I spend a bunch of money and time rebuilding it just to have it blow up again in the 1st hour. Any help will be greatly appreciate. I’ll try to figure out how to post some pics of it to help out.






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It should be fine as long as there is not cracks.  Just make sure you sand/file down any high spots there the two cases meet.👍

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