T-4 jetting for the xr650r

I need to know what size of jets I need for a 2000 xr650r with a t-4 silencer and headers. The mods on the bike right now are UNI airfilter, carb boot bored out, and baffle removed. Right now the main is 172 and the piolt is 68s. Oh yeah the elavation is 500ft above S/L. Thanks!

My guess is the pilot jet would be either a 68s or 70 (probably worth trying the 70) and a 175 or 178 main if you're riding at 500 ft above sea level. If your side panel is cutout, then try a 178 or even a 180. Don't forget to adjust the fuel screw! If you've already got some good saddle time on your bike, then you'll know when it feels right :thumbsup:

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