trade my 02 CRF 450 for a XR650R

mine is dual sported, has all the stuff in my signature. I have put the stainless valves and spring kit. Runs like a champ. I want to ride on the street more, is the only reason I am considering a trade:usa:



lots of lookers, but no takers?

do you have any pictures?

Mitch, I'm interested. '00 650R all upgrades (clutch bushing, etc.) Pro-tapers CR High, BRP triple clamps, IMS 3.2 tank in white, White Bros E series megaphone, Black Excels, IMS pegs, UNI, Moose tall seat (have stock too), Precision Concepts revalve front and rear, Eibach shock spring 10.5, SRC T-stat, Michelin S12 front and rear, 13 tooth front (have 14) and, of course, HP4!!!! :thumbsup:


W) 703-792-6385


Are you looking to sell the 650? I have a friend who may be interested. How much are you asking?

sent you a pm.


To tell you the truth I don't even no what it's worth...I've been thinking about going to a bike that's a little more "tight woods-friendly". Have your buddy make me an offer.



I sent you a PM

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