Aftermarket tank form...

Hey guys, I'm looking at doing a mod to the drz like that of len anderson's drz, slapping a yzf426's tank and shrouds on the drz for better ergos and a flatter seat, etc,etc... And besides.. It's just cool. Refer to this post if you're curious...

Anyways, the delima is.. I need way more capacity than the stock tank gives.. Assuming that lens' 1.9gal tank's the stocker. But I can't sacrifice bulge for capacity, or I'd be better off with my stocker.

So, how many of you have aftermarket tanks with higher capacity.. Looking for atleast ~2.5gal, with a slender form, etc, etc.

Any suggestions? I've looked at aftermarket websites and the pictures really don't help much... if they even provide a picture.

Oh yea, and if the seat/tank junction bulges the seat upwards, it's pretty welly useless as well.

Thanks. :thumbsup:

Be careful I just installed a IMS tank and I am have some overheating trouble now. I am still in the process of working the bugs out, you see the larger tank confines the motor quite a bit more than the stock model and IMS was no Help when I asked if they had any complaints. Good luck!

You might want to look into a 03/04 WR 250 or WR 450 tank and shrouds. They hold 2.6 gallons. Im going to try to put one on my 02 YZ 426. Ive test fitted it and it looks like it will work with a few mods.

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