YZ vs. WR??? help...

My feeling is, if it aint broke, don't fix it.

See, you know your bike, you have maintained your bike to at tee and that is very important. If you don't know how the other bike was treated it might not be such a good deal even though the bike is newer.

Do you feel like you need a bigger tank, wider gear ratio, and a lot softer suspension? If so, get the wr. Other wise, ride whatcha got.

i have to agree, "if it aint broke, don't fix it". I went through the same question and went as far as riding both bikes, 99'WR and 00' YZ. The YZ ran faster and had more power, although they have the same engine. Have you ever rode through the woods carrying a spare helment in between you legs? After riding a YZ this is how you will feel on the WR. That massive tank and the seat is slightly farther back than the YZ. I ride in the woods alot also and I have cut the bars 1" on both ends, running a rear tire for the woods, (higher profile for rolling rocks) and droped the frontsprocket one tooth for gearing. and I could'nt be more pleased with my YZ. It takes a little work to make a WR run like a YZ. The choice is yours. Hope this will help some..

Tose are great points. I was thinking of dropping one tooth on the front sprocket of my YZ and seeing if that makes it a little more "trail friendly". My buddy has a 98 WR 400 and it just doesn't have the same kick. I've never ridden with helmet btwn. my legs, and I can't imagine liking it. I was already leaning toward keeping the YZ-you guys just helped strengthen my opinion. Thanks!

Whoa! You want to primarily trail ride and want the YZ? Why?????? It's a motocross bike,not a trail bike!

The WR400 has tons of kick when jetted like a YZ and the basic fee mods done to it. YZ Tank/seat combo's are needed--I'll give ya that. But they are cheaper than 18"rims and flywheel weights

The wide ratio tranny is KING in the woods and offroad. That in itself really is the deciding factor between the two bikes along with suspension and rear rim. Plus the Wr has more flywheel weight to provide more "tractorlike" power. The low first gear allows you to crawl along very technical trails without hammering the clutch. Gearing down a YZ isn't anywhere near the same rates and your top speed will greatly suffer!

When I ride my buds YZ426 in the woods it takes me for ride, not the other way around. Very hard to control the low end power in technical areas. The suspension feels ROCK hard and beats me up after just a few miles of trail riding. Just like when you take a CR250 in the woods!

No kickstand to take breaks, no lights for night runs, plus the 19" rear rim is a disadvantage over the 18" WR rim on the trails too.

Also, the '00 WR and YZ models have greatly improved suspension and more importantly new geometry that allows the bike to steer tighter. You can feel the difference.

So IMHO the WR is for you-but only if you buy a YZ seat/tank and do some basic mods if they haven't already been done.

But I agree just because a bike is newer, doesn't mean squat.

I'm not sure how folks can recommend a YZ when you say you are primarily a trail rider. If you're 50/50 trail/MX-OK I can see the YZ..

Guys, I've got a 98 YZ 400 that I love, but I do primarily trail riding with it, and I have the opportunity to trade up to a 2000 WR 400. Any opinions on whether this is a good idea or not? I know the WR has a wider range (obviously) of gearing, but other than that, anyone have opinions for or against? Any opinions on reliability?

Thanks all...

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