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1999 YZ125. 38mm Smartcarb. 30:1 with Redline Racing oil. 

Plug is an NGK BR9ES (stock heat-range) that's been side-gapped (it was running too rich for so long I've got a good collection of BR9xxx plugs. Idle hands and all...).

I got the bike in terrible shape for cheap (but paid more than I should have) a couple of years ago. I've been slowly fixing its issues one by one. 

The biggest issues were a cracked tank and a carb that was buggered in several different ways including running pig-rich and actually had one of the screws holding the top on replaced by a wood screw. 

I decided to splurge on a Smartcarb and after chasing my tail for a long time turning the adjuster the wrong way to lean it out (RTFM) I've got it to this point. 

Two-stroke gurus, is this good? Would a click or two leaner be playing with fire or be just right? 


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Posted (edited)

OP mentioned that he 'side gaps' his spark plugs,

an old school hot rodding trick but not a common practice in dirt bikes.


In my track ridden YZ125, even at 30:1 that general coloration would be too rich for me.

Often linked how-to: http://www.braigasen.com/howtoread.htm

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