Rear Excel rim on XR600

Okay, I have a 94' XR600r and a new Excel rim to replace the stock bent-up one on the bike and was wondering if the stock spokes will work with the new rim? I read on some site that they will not. Any ideas before I make the attempt?

Jeff, They "should" work however, the bike is a 94 and you are replacing the rim... do yourself a favor and replace the spokes... they are too old...


I replaced a honda XR 600 wheel with excel rim and brand new honda spokes. I tightened them daily and still broke 20 honda spokes. I replaced the honda spokes with thicker stronger spokes from XR's only. I haven't had a broken spoke since.

Thanks for the spoke info. Im about to replace buy a couple Excel Rims and was wondering about the spokes. I will get the thicker ones :thumbsup:

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