tic tic tic...

Hey guys. 700 mile BRP, uncorked.

Im getting this ticking from the counter sprocket now. It sounds like a baseball card in the spokes of a bicycle. The faster I go, the louder and faster it gets. I have checked the teeth on the sprocket and everything looks good. I am getting ready to tear the bike down and grease it, and check the valves. Any advise on what the ticking may be?



Hmm, does it sound exactly like a playing card in the spokes? Perhaps it's a broken spoke? Obviously, if it only happens while moving, then check the external moving parts. If nothing funky can be found there, prop up the rear wheel and try again. Or lastly, remove the chain and see if it still does it... process of elimination. Good luck. :thumbsup:


No its not a spoke. With the bike on the stand, and turning the rear wheel by hand you can hear it... tic.... tic.. tic.. It not just the 'normal' sound of the chain/sprocket... Once I get the chain off maybe I'll see somehthing....

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