yz400f & yz426f

howdy, im new here & i currently have a yz250 2 stroke which i am trying to sell.

the next bike i want will either be a yz400f or yz426f, 99,00 or a 01 model.

just wondering what the differences are between the 400 and the 426 and do u think i could handle it coming from my 250 ?. i can handle my 250 fine and throw it around easily. im about 6.2" and probably weight about 90kg.

also could u post some pics of your 400/426's in here.

If you are looking to go with a four stroke and have the choice I would go with an 01 or 02 YZ426. Obviously if you can afford it YZ450 would be even better. What you will find is as the YZF evolved it improved alot from one year to the next...mostly with refinements like weight loss and starting ease.

As far as being able to handle the bike coming from a YZ250 2-stroke you won't have any problem. The thumper will feel a bit heavier but I think the abundance of torque helps make up for it. You will have to adjust to the power delivery of the thumper. That takes a little time but once you learn how to use it's power you will never be satisfied with a two stroke again! :thumbsup:

go with a new year 426 or 450. I have a '98 YZ400F and the thing is great but its a tank. the 426 and 450 are so much lighter, and you really feel it in the corners. And you should have no problem with the power, it like the two-stroke power, just the power is anywhere in the rev range. 4-STROKE POWER :thumbsup:

at work, i pushed a 98 yz400f, and it felt so light. about 3/4 the weight of my 250. but i dont know if its like that when u are riding it ?

i would be able to afford an 01 or 02 model. maybe 01 if its cheap enough. im looking at 98,99 and 00 models

I would continue saving up $ until I could afford atleast 00-02 426.

is there any common problems with the 98,99,00,01 yz400f and yz426's ??

ive heard the frame cracking one, near the filler hole.

YOu have to remember that the 426 is an update to the 400.

You get a lot of "more better" parts on the bike. The frame geometry is updated, aluminum subframe, larger radiators, larger motor. The 02s have a lot of revisions to the rear shock, swingarm and suspension linkage. Also the hubs and spokes are updated to the 02-04 specs.

Save up for at least the 00 bike. Do some 01-02 updates (clutch and brakes) and then install the 450 exhaust cam. That with some carb work will make a sweet bike.

yeh, i think i will go for the 00 yz426, im going to look at one tonight.

with that blue wire mod, i heard its connected to the kill switch.... if u disconnect it does that mean your kill switch wont work ?

No, its not connected to your kill switch. The blue wire is in a harness that controls the voltage and limits rpms while in neutral. By disconnecting this blue wire, you override the limits and cause a hotter spark while in neutral.

i went and looked at a 426 today, it was the biggest [@#$%&*!] to start. probably just because im not used to it.

when i got it started, i went to pull the clutch in to put it in gear but i pulled the decomp instead lol, that pissed me off.

how much is a 450 cam and are they easy to do ?

also can you do the cam mod on the 400 as well? This mode takes away having to use decomp lever right??

also can you do the cam mod on the 400 as well? This mode takes away having to use decomp lever right??

yes you can and yes it does :thumbsup:

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