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Why are top hard enduro riders like Graham Jarvis on two-strokes?

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On 7/8/2019 at 11:15 AM, jtanman said:

It seems that many (can I say most?) hard enduro riders are on two-strokes. So what's the deal with that? Is it power-to-weight ratio wizardry? I was having a conversation the other day with my uncle and I mentioned that lots of the top enduro riders use two-strokes. When he asked why, I didn't have a good answer. ?







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2 hours ago, hawaiidirtrider said:

No one has touched that bike. It’s literally been there a couple of years and this is the lowest price Ive seen yet. Nice but I’d still bypass and get an estart  6 speed 200 Thats the same size and weight. That’s why no one is touching the 144 Id guess locally.. I don’t know though. 6 grand is a great price for someone. For me? No way.. I’m done with 5 speed and no estart unless I’m getting a vintage bike. 

We're all pretty evenly matched, we have all brands and types of bikes, only 3 x 4T's, But KTM, Sherco, TM, Beta, Gas Gas, Yamaha, Honda, a 2000 model KX250, and my RM's :D. When I first built my RM, I was the fastest, the bloke on the TM144, was on a Beta 250 "race". He rode my 144, then ordered the TM, no one can go with him now, I couldn't even keep him in sight if I was on the 265cc 2T.
He gets up all the hills, easier than anyone. He did a really steep, nasty hill climb one day, were were all resting, he kept eyeing it off, the boys are saying no way. Took him a bit to work himself up, but in the end, hit a tree root about 3/4's the way up, then just landed on top of it. I thought i turned my Go-Pro on, but turned it off, the hill was beyond vert at the top. We were at an old quarry.

He kills it on the 144. We have 2 Beta 200's that ride with us sometimes, one of the riders came 3rd in our state XC sprint series, on an 08 RM 144 :D, he says the Beta 200RR is the best bike he's ever owned, he's our local suspension tuner, so knows what he's talking about. But, he can't get near 'ol mate on the TM 144cc in the ST. No one can really. And, It's the bike, not the rider.

Anyway. Rant over :blush:

Actually, Edit: The bloke on the 200RR, had a head on with a 4x4, you can imagine what's left of the bike. He's putting the Beta 200RR engine into an 06+ RM125 frame. I have a feeling he'll give 'ol mate on the TM a run for his money then.

If I recall correctly, he paid 13.7K aud for that TM144, no street rego, and had to wait around 6 months to get it. IMO, his TM144cc engine, is like my 04/05 KTM 200 engine.
I was trying to get my RM144cc engine as close to a KTM200 engine as possible, I got close, just don't have the same torque. The TM does. "It's a proper 144. Not a big bore". That's what I hear every time he kicks my ass lol.

For technical riding, I'd buy the Beta 200RR myself, just sayin, the TM 144's, are awesome.

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