Oxygenated fuel?

Same general area. I guess the track is at the base of the mountain. http://www.mammothmotocross.com/

Surprised you haven't heard of it yet, it's a huge event. Check out the pics at the website, it'll make you wanna go...


What you want for mammoth is Nitro Propane. Its an oxygen bearing fuel. Id start with 10% and run it, check the jetting. You'll probably be pretty close. DO NOT JET DOWN AND TRY TO RUN THE NITRO PROPANE! IT WILL HAMMER THE PISTON OUT OF THE MOTOR! The stuff works, but becareful with it. :)

I'm heading up to Mammoth Mt for the races and have heard about oxygenated fuel. Do they sell it at the pump down there or am I gonna have to get some VP brand fuel that is already oxygenated. By running oxygenated fuel, will I still have to rejet? I am at sea level now and the bike runs great, but Mammoth Mt is 7500 feet...

Any suggestions?

Thanks, PK

Are you talking about the same Mammoth where the kick butt ski resort is? If so, where are you allowed to ride up there?

You can get oxygenated gas in california were there is smog problems. I ran vp c-12 in my 2 smoke and the price is anywhere between $6.50-$10.00 a gallon. hope i helped ya

C-12 is an excellent overall choice for the 400/426. However, MR2 is oxygenated and is an even better choice for elevation. Don't be surprised if you use a non-oxygenated fuel at lower elevation, you can just pour in the MR2 and be close to precise jetting at the higher elevations. It is such a good choice for the 426 at any elevation. This fuel maximizes performance across the RPM range and REALLY manifests itself with throttle response. It goes without saying that with any fuel changes, you will need to jet crisp.

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