fork oil level ??

david, true,i'm running mine @ 100mm ahhhhhhhhh the plushness...........jimbo

what is the fork oil level for yz400f 99` ?

i think in the book it is 130mm max but

somebody told me that it can be even 100mm max...

is that tru ???


A high fork oil level (a low number) means the fork will progressively get firmer as it moves further into the stroke. Aka, more bottoming resistance.

A cheap form of medical insurance when learning how to jump.

However, more oil also means the front end will not dive as much when entering a corner. The bike will push or seem top heavy. Not a good thing.

As always, it's a compromise.


My forks were done at MX-Tech and set at 95mm, works great with their valving. mike

hi david,

whats up man? here in israel its fu@#$ng hot, it has been 42 c today n yesterday.

ok so as an answer to your question - the manual says 80mm-150mm , so if u want it 2 b hareder go up to 85mm, in 5mm intervals and check what is best 4 u

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