broken pro taper

My buddy bought a 02 426 last week. The bike runs fine, it is very clean but we noticed that there is a crack in the pro taper handle bar right under the little foam.

My questions are:

1)How the ... can someone break a pro taper? :thumbsup:

2) What should we do since we can see that there has already been an attempt from the previous owner to repair by welding (weird idea :awww::lol:) and that it did not work.

3) Is there something like a lifetime warranty on those handle bars or something?

Thanks to you TT gurus :lol:


Buy new bars? Why would someone attempt to weld them? I would rather have a nice new pair and know they were not going to break or something weird. Sorry, I'm not much help but I personally wouldnt spend any time on repairing them.

Pro Taper may have offered an exchange on them until that person attempted to have them welded. Maybe he had them welded because Pro Taper wouldn't replace them? Who knows. At this point, I would just replace them with new ones and call it good. No sense in risking bodily injury!

I have heard about a few sets of ProTapers breaking but the crashes are very big!!!

I wouldn't even come close to riding with bars that are cracked or someone welded. Go get a new set.

Go back a week or two in the classified section and you'll find someone selling a pair of protaper bars for about $40 each. I think it was a guy selling some parts from a YZ/WR.

One of the guys we were with in Moab bent his Pro Tapers down against the gas tank on one side and they didn't break. I looked on their site and there is no warranty for crash damage.


This is how they looked after we bent them back with a 4' ramp.

Thanks for all the input guys,

I was as surprised as one can be when I saw the attempt of repair and I agree with you that the best thing to do is to replace... In fact the new bar is already ordered.

I just thought they were unbreakable. I guess there is no such thing as "unbreakable" :lol:

Thanks also for having a look for the warranty on the website for me. :thumbsup:

Nice pic by the way :awww::lol:

My dad's buddy netted a dislocated shoulder out of this wreck in White Wash, Utah. He is older and was an A enduro rider for years.

We were hauling a$$ and he hit a rock out cropping and ate it pretty bad. We had to bend the bars back far enough so he could turn and get back to the truck.

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