Avoid trailer

Can I fit one of these cool "behind the truck" bike hauler on my station wagon ford focus to carry my WR?

Got airshocks? :thumbsup:

Too tough on the suspension isn't it... :thumbsup:

Probably so... :thumbsup:

I would worry about the tranny myself.



Don't worry about a trailer on your Focus. Once you're back home I can put 3-4 dirt bikes on my trailer. :thumbsup:

Go for it! Its only what,300 lbs? :thumbsup:

I think it's going to sag a bit too much on the back end. My Tacoma sags a bit in the back with my WR on it and a passenger car is going to be worse for sure. Air shocks would probably solve that. As far as the weight goes you'll need a hitch that can handle at least 350# and preferably 500# tongue weight just to be safe. I doubt it will bother the drive train much as the weight isn't that much more than a second passenger (assuming you're traveling alone).

The point is that it is probably less hard on the gaz autonomy to haul the bike on the back of the focus than on a trailer.

But I just saw the price of those little toys. Maybe a trailer is not that expensive after all. Plus I would not risk to dammage the already crappy suspension of my focus. :thumbsup:

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