Twin Air Filter Kit

Just a thought.

I bought the Twin Air filter kit for $100. with the custom cage and filter for my 02 YZ426. As I was installing it I got to thinking. Maybe I could have just bought the filter, and cut the metal screen out of the stock plastic filter cage? Has any one done that? A little late for me now but maybe it will save someone else 70 bills. Besides if it will work, I could mod the plastic cage and have a backup.

You would have saved yourself some time and money if you would have taken a look at the search feature. There are many threads on the air filter set up. Many people are using the 2-stroke filter cage and a back fire proof filter. They do this because they don't want to risk ruining the stocker.

Just a thought.

There is also a risk of having a loose piece of the original screen drop free of the filter frame when cutting the screen out of the stocker.

cut out half of the screen in your stock cage and it will work great

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