Opinions on the YZ450F

I currently have a '98 400f and was looking to make the jump up to a 450. what do you guys think about the 450? do you think i should make the switch? i mostly like to ride track but i do alot a tight trail riding too.

if u get a 450 with an auto clutch u will never ride the 400 again!!!!

I had a 98 400 and went to the 450. It's alot different. I mean alot!!! Honestly if your under 200lbs I would get a 250F. I think you would be happier.

Worth it in every respect - weight, power, handling, suspension, everything!

I went from a 99 400 to an 03 250F. I ride track 99% and desert 1%. While I loved the 250F I missed the power of the big bike. As a 50 yr old Expert, I found the 450 to more hit than I liked. Of course, this is a personal issue. I installed a flywheel, which also helped with stalling and now I love the motor. I installed sub tanks on my 03 450 and like the forks better than when I bought the bike. I hear that the 04 450 forks are better than the 03's so you may not need the subtanks. The new 450's turn better than my 400. Once you get use to the new power, it does have power, you will appreciate the weight loss between the two bikes. With the flywheel the power is not to much for trail riding. ENJOY!

Buy one and you will think you have won the lottery. There is a profound increase in every aspect from the old 400s. They are awesome! :thumbsup:

I had a 2000 426 and it was a great bike. However, my new 450F is much better in every which way possible. Make the jump and you will not be dissapointed. :thumbsup:

If you get a 450 wait for the 05's. That new suspension will be worth it.

If you get a 450 wait for the 05's. That new suspension will be worth it.

Right now, with the factory incentives, you can buy '04's for under $5K. I have no doubt that the '05 will be sold for well over $6K again. It would take an incredible change in the suspension to make it worth the wait. I don't see it with how well the '04 boingers work. And with an '04 you can ride right now! :thumbsup:

There are pictures of the new '05 YZ250F on the French Yamaha website. It is almost unchanged and I expect the 450 will be the same.


If you get a 450 wait for the 05's. That new suspension will be worth it.

Why do you think that it will be any different than the 04 suspension...I hope you are right, because my buying decision is waiting on the facts to whether or not I go Red or Blue for 05.

i had the 02 yz426 and went to the 04 450 awesome difference first thing i noticed was weight and how it was distributed lighter and lower center of gravity... way easier to flick back and forth. more power and it's very smooth reliable.

some people say that i would burn the clutch out in a minute, because i do some trail riding, would it really burn out quickly if i try to trail ride? I also would like to know how the 04's work on the track, are they still a handfull to handle?, how's the suspension? do you mind the 4 speed or is it okay?

I am also waiting for some info because my decision is also up in the air, I get the yamahas for 100.00 over cost thanks to my sponsor! but the Honda I am on my own! :thumbsup:

You won't burn out the clutch on the 450 by riding trails. You WILL burn out the clutch IF you clutch the bike like a 2 stroke though. Get a flywheel weight. Get the sub tanks for the forks. Scrap the stock handlebars and you're all set. I did put a White Bros. Carbon Pro Exhaust on my 450, adn it is very impressive. The power gain is good.

By the way, I can tell you that the CRF450R is smoother and has a very plush Showa suspension. Honda says their '06 CRF450Rs will be FUEL INJECTED. \


I do a lot of tight trailing on my 03, and I have raised the gearing 2 teeth. Mine does have a full Hinson clutch, though, and I have had much experience with the stock one.

You could put a 49-50t sprocket on the rear, use the 14t front it came with and set the chain up to be as long as possible. Run that set up in the tightest places for a lower than stock gear. Switch to a 15t for the track or more wide open areas.

My opinion? The YZ450 is magnificent. That's all.

I had a 01 426 and now i have a 03 450, you will love the 450 it is lighter and way easier to start and with alot more ballz. Go with the 450. :thumbsup:

is there a lot a weight diff between the two bikes, honda vs. yamaha, or do you not even notice it? and how are the '04 Yz450s, are there any problems i should know about before i buy, and what should i get if i buy one, like flywheel weights or subtanks?

No, there's not a lot, the '04 YZ450F is only a half pound lighter than the '04 CRF450!

That of course is DRY weight, and that's only important if you going to run in a soap box derby. The YZ does feel a little heavier, but it doesn't act heavier. Hard to describe. Probably a little lower CG on the Honda. The YZ steers a bit heavier, but tracks corners more precisely. The CRF is the opposite...steers light but a little inaccurate and squirrelly.

I am reading here and there (Dirtbike Magazine & Transworld MX) that the CRF450R exudes smoother engine power than the YZ450F. Is this really true? I own an '03 YZ450F and it does seem to chug a bit. I think I need a flywheel weight.

Does anyone know where I can get one? Preferably one that comes with directions on how to install the weight.



Does the 2005 YZF 450 have an aluminum frame? If not, I am still waiting.... :thumbsup:

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