Weak spark 2001 WR426

Hello TTers I'm having a hard start problem on my 2001 WR426

I've owned the bike from new and have a YZ pipe tank and seat fitted. She's been super reliable always easy to start and great power but now I'm suffering from weak spark, any ideas where to start? electrics are not my best skill and I live in the caribbean so no dealer help on my island. I really like this bike its been the bomb, just want to get her back up n running right. Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to assist,Adam

Thanks for all the help guys.................?????

C'mon now take it easy on 'em. You know as well as I do how long it takes to get mail to the mainland :awww:. I never realised that included Email/Internet though :thumbsup::lol:.

I'm no expert on electronics but I would first check any ground wires for corrosion/pinches/exposed wire. If you're still getting spark (even if weak) then there is still continuity in the elec system. Good luck.

Any one else want to take a crack at this one?

Thanks fellow island dweller. I actually did just that this morning and didnt find any corrosion but spayed all the connections and put em all back together and it fired right up! spark still looks red but its working again. I went to a few euro sites and asked the same question and it seems this is a very common problem on these bikes especially where there's lots of moisture in the air. appreciate the response man as the euro's were really helpful and I was wondering if the yankee's were dissing me off?? safe journeys, Baje :thumbsup:

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