how many discs in WB pipe for yz 400?

hey, just wondering if anyone can tell me the best output setup on a White Bros. E-series pipe? it comes with 13...should I use all of 'em or what? I needed the spark arrestor, so any recommendations would be appreciated.

The more you use(discs) the louder it will get, but it will also breath more also.

You can get more discs at Rocky mountainATV.

Oh ya, how many. Use as many as ya want! Try'em all, see if you can stand the noise! :)

I put'em ALL in .........

<font color=red><center>AND</center>

bought another 6pack and putt'em on!

I was told the hot setup was to use everything that came with the kit. All the discs, the spark arrestor cap, and the endcap. It works well for me and is actually too loud without the spark arrestor.

Same here, all the discs. I removed half of them and lost a little midrange. I removed them all and the endcap, it sounded like a 76' camaro with a hole in the muffler and had no power advantage. Reinstaled all plates and end cap and she runs like the beast I love.....

7 or 8 discs is good.if you use anymore your just another idiot giving government excuse to shut your riding area down.noise pollution is one main problems offroad motorcyclist are facing.there are a lot of environmental groups fighting to close ohv riding areas.

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