Most protective chest protector????

I am looking for a new chest protector. My old answer ACIII has seen better days. (like in the late '80s) I want the most protection I can possibly get from a chest protector. Many of the chest protectors don't offer much protection. Before you tell me, I know chest protectors are designed for roost and small impacts, but some are better than others.

It looks like the Acrebis Fusion is a good protector. It has suspended shoulders and kidney protection panels. Do any of you have one?? It looks like the Moose protector is pretty good also. The Troy Lee protector has good shoulder protection but no bicep guards.

Advice would be appreciated. I have not seen an Acrebis or Moose. I hate to order something by picture alone. In my world, a 100 bones is a lot of money....


I've been considering the same thing as well as one of those evs neck rolls.

Take a look at this thread for hockey chest protectors.

And the detroithockey web site:

I almost ordered one from there the other day but need to wait until after I move.

I'm know I'd have a hard time wearing hockey gear at the track though. I'd have to wear it under my jersey or put some Fox or other MX stickers on it! I have to look cool since I'm not fast. LOL :)

The Acerbis and Moose do look like the most protection from any of the MX vendors.

I'm curious to hear from people who have these or the Fox Airframe...

Steve T

I have a Thor and it has withstood a good tree impact, 10-15mph, to the shoulder and did not break and I did not feel it. I personally don't like suspended shoulders cause they interfere with my head movement. (anyone else have this problem?) I was going to buy a Fox but it broke as I was taking it down from the dealers shelf. Could have been a rare defective one but I figured it to be an omen and bought the Thor.

now that i look at it, im going with the franklin hockey setup. 30$ and every bit as good as the motox stuff.

I have been using the Franklin chest protector for about a year. "Normal" MX protectors don't even compare to the protection it provides, especially for the price! There is one drawback though that I consider minor. It's not ventilated as well as the MX types and is slightly heavier. You may notice this on hot summer days. Just something to consider. I still wouldn't trade mine for the latest and greatest from any of the MX brands.

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Dirtdad, where did you buy the Franklin chest protector? Do you were it over or under your jersey?

I bought it from Detroit Hockey (link mentioned above) and I wear it over my jersey. I'd like to wear it under, but the shoulder pads are pretty big. I also bought an Easton model for my son.

I think for both I paid less than $80 for both!

That hockey gear looks great. The only concern I have is the 100 degree weather here in TX. Sure looks nice though. Price looks real good. What the heck......I'll get one. (maybe)

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Dont forget about that flak jacket from

They claim its closely related to the vests that the bull riders wear and is made from some of the same materials as bullet proof vests.


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Originally posted by Wyatt:

The only concern I have is the 100 degree weather here in TX.

I've ridden all day w/temps in the 90's and high humidity and I can't really say it bothered me that much. Also, consider these things are designed to protect against a hockey puck at around 100 mph! Any regular MX protector would shatter in that situation I would think.

The "No Bull" riding armor looks about as good as you can get-unfortunately it's running about $295. I think I'm headed to the Hockey store tonight and see what I can round up for tomorrow's riding...

I've looked into the Hockey gear, but I wonder how hot it can get in the summer. After all, these probably aren't vented well since it's designed to be used on the ice. Protection looks good though.

Dirtdad seems to think that the heat won't be much of an issue. It's gonna be 97 tomorrow in Denver-hope it isn't. Don't the shoulder pad portions flop around like football pads would, or are they secured down?

Fox Airframe...!!!!

It is the best..!!!

I can tell you the hole story, but is is very long.. i test it... :D and it work excelent..!!

I flew over the bike and land with my chest... and nothing happened to me... and the chest protector is still complete... and i'm 180 pounds :)

I guess heat tolerance is an individual thing. It never really bothered me in 95+ weather. Some may have a problem with it. The shoulder pads do not flop around.

Thanks Dad! I'm still going to the Hockey Shop this afternoon and going to check into them, better a little warm than breaking stuff inside me. I'm more concerned with things like branches and rocks hitting me than a nice blunt landing on my chest. Seems like something designed to stop hockey pucks would work good.

Ok dirtdad, your on the hook for this one, mines on it's way :) ...........

Hey, for $37 with shipping, I'll give it a whirle, thanks for the testimony.


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From wrooster's link:

best bet, i hate to say it to you now, is to go to a hockey store (or pro shop at the local rink) and try some of it on before buying it.

Not a whole lot of Hockey played in Houston. LOL!

But I am going to Montreal in 4 weeks. I'll have to do a little shopping while I'm there. :)

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