Where is the best place to buy plastics?

I am cleaning the bike up and doing a few mods while I have it down.So I figured I would get new plastics and graphics for it while I am at it. Also what are so good brake pads for the YZ426?

IMO, Acerbis is the best for buying plastics. Fast Shipping. Good Product.

try www.motowroldracing.com they have some awesome deals...i gotta HJC helmet from the for 200 bucks :thumbsup:

they have complete plastic sets for just bout everybike for like 119.00...very very good!

rockymouttainatv.com has some fantastic deals on acerbis plastic kits...i got mine for like 110 bucks i think. Pretty much any color you want too.

maybe its just me but acerbis plastic never fits right.

add to that the color isnt the same as stock... my bikes white, but i would only use acerbis front and rear fenders.

stock plastic fits.

I got a really good deal on my acerbis shrouds from none other than www.thumpertalk.com.

Why not support the guys that give you this forum?

I have heard really good things about Dunlop pads. I think the MX pads. I havent managed to find any myself. But have heard good things about them.

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