OK... So where do you park yours? Lets hear from ya'll

So... where "DO" you all park your Blue Beasts?

This is what I park mine in now.

For the last year & three weeks my wife and I have been designing and building our own 26 X 36 attached garage. I say it's "ours" but she has just 12' of the 36' width to park her car (her choice... not mine). I get all the rest. Anyway, the final inspection was approved today, so now it's time to move in.

As you can all guess, the first item "I" brought in was my 426. :D It was placed right in the middle of the shop area, on the new custom self built bike stand (painted yamaha blue of course). Next came the work bench and shelving (also blue but with white accent on the shelves). Tucked in by the bench is the Craftsmen roll-around w/tool box on top ("Custom" yamaha blue, is there any other color?).

The details of the garage are...

* 26' deep x 36' wide. All concrete floors

* 2- 10' garage doors w/openers. Doors are at one end to make room for the shop

* 2- 120v 20amp circuts for outlets

* 1- 120v 20amp circut for the aircompressor

* 1- 240v 50amp circut for the welder

* 1- 120v 20amp circut for the garage doors

* 1- 120v 20amp circut for the freezer & frig.

* 1- 120v 15amp circut for the lighting (7- 4' floresents) it's brighter then at high noon :D

* 2- phone lines. one for yakkin' and the other for the internet (T.T.)

* 2- cable outlets. one is next to the floor for if we ever make part of the garage into living space & the other is up in the corner of the shop for my 27" TV w/surrond sound and DVD.

* 4- flush mount speakers spread evenly (for the surround sound).

* fully insulated walls & ceiling

* sheet rocked, textured, painted (simi gloss white)

* 2 windows (1- 7'x 3.5' 1- 4' 4' w/white mini blinds)

* The heat will be a gas stove in the far corner of the shop.

That's about it. Just a humble little "shack" to keep my toys out of the rain we get here in the great northwest.

Oh ya... I forgot to mention one small detail. I also have my target bails up against the back wall of the shop, in line with the doorway from the house so when I shoot my bow form the middle of the living room, thru the entryway, thru the laundry room, and into the garage, it will allow for a 20 yard indoor practice range. ( Yes she lets me shoot my bow in the house. She has for the last 18 years) :D I love that woman!! :)

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What... nobody has a corral to keep their blue pony in? :)

Yours sounds very nice and very similar to my garage. Ours is attached to the house but is still a 40' x 27', drive through model with 8' garage doors to get the 4x4 in the door with the bikes still in the truck. Full of electrical outlets (one wired for 220v for a HUGE compressor), lights, shelves etc., etc..

It houses the truck, 2 cars, the motorcycle trailer (can't let it get cold outside!!) and 6 motorcycles. I just wish we make it a bit bigger!!


You guys make me sick... I have a 1 (and I mean "1") car garage which doesn't even have a garage door on it. The worst part is the hose takes up all the room and there is no more room to expand! @(*&*^! Oh well, I'm happy for you guys, enjoy!! :)

sirthumpalot, time to kick the car out of the garage, install a door and park the bike in it :)

I was lucky, I had a garage that was wide enough to accomodate a car and a Honda CBR929RR. Now that I've moved continents, I always make sure the place I rent has a lock-up garage with enough space for a bike, some boxes, and possibly a van (otherwise the van stays outside).


Right Next to Me Bed Next to the Dog :D

Wife hates sleeping in the garage though :)

Our's isn't attached. It's 36'X40' with 3 bays. One for the enclosed trailer, one for the boat, one for the motorhome. My shop "area" is behind the trailer (so I just roll the bikes into/out of

the trailer when I'm not working on them) Shop has 2 120 outlets every 8 feet, air outlets every 8 feet, 240 in the middle bay. 2 8' flouresent lights. Stereo with the speakers mounted in the ceiling. I bought some slotboard from a friend who closed his MC shop so I have slotboard shelves 4' high on every wall. Parts washer in one corner. My workbench has it's own 120V supply as well as an air connection. Above my work area is a hose reel for air as well. No phones, I don't want to be bothered when I'm "home" I work on this friggin' computer every day so I sure as h*ll don't want a computer in my shop.

Oh yea, there's a fridge behind the boat that's stocked with an assortment of malted's and enduro arrors marking the way to the fridge in case I get lost. :)


Thnking about this post

I am going to post directions right to my front door with the Alarm Combo and what to give me dog to make him like you ????

Sorry, Iam paranoid since my daughters bike was stolen.

All bikes in the garage under case hardened chain and lock, tucked neatly into a corner with a sensors to pick up movement. Once the movement is detected, 2 x10 camaras kick in and starts broadcasting to me work pc.

I also have a detonate button designated on me keyboard :)

Yeah, I was reading these threads thinking, why didn't he install some anchors when pouring that floor? Ego beat me to it. Find something to make sure they stay there when you're gone.

Good luck,


There are no directions to my house. Besides, if you wanna take on Tyson (75# Pit Bull/Boxer) be my guest. Besides, who said there weren't tie downs in the floor? I can't/won't tell everything. :)


Mine is in the garage too...take Green Valley Road to Missouri Flat road...go up the drive at 6241 till you see the open garage....follow the red laser beam into the garage....pick up the bolt cutters to cut the locks....then pick up rhe phone on the work bench an call the mortuary of your chosing.........

too many thiefs, not enough good shots.....

PS. protected by Glock & Armalite

My bikes sit in my modest 2 car garage crammed next to the sea doo trailer. I think it would be a good idea to design some sort of locking anchor system, you guys have any ideas.

Oh yah, if you come to my house I have a sweet 105 pound protection trained Rottweiler that has a special place in his heart for theives. LOL He loves the taste of them!!!! :)

JT & Vegas

HeHe :)

We have a thief running the neighborhood right now, Last night the cops were at my neighbors at 2:30 am.

I personnally think its the freaking lil sob that ripped off the daughters bike, he was caught and made bail. The cops in town know him by name he is a regular at Club Fed...

All I gotta say is

Better not could be used against me


But I am waiting

...my 426 shares company in my garage next to these other fine rides!

2002 Jeep Liberty Limited Edition Patriot Blue

1977 Harley Davidson FXS Low Rider ..first year

1997 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic

2002 Yamaha YZF-R1 Silver & Black

2002 Honda XR50...my kid's first

Y'all suck....I've got a real nice parking spot......right underneath my maple tree in the back yard, right ontop of the wood chip landscapeing. It makes for a super work area too, ever tried to find a cir clip from your needle in a pile of wood chips :) !!

It's coved when not in use, but the moisture from the rain (not that we've really had much) really wreaks rust havoc on any part of the frame that has the paint wore off, I hate that.

Nature of being a renter I guess, man I love not having a garage :D !

Dodger :D:D

Usualy i have it in my back yard...

I have bar, grill, bathroom, and there is 13 X 55 to let the beast rest... so have no problem at all.... just when we have a barbeque, or a party..!!!

Also with my "compadre" humberto... he really have a lot of space in his home...

I used to keep it in my kitchen when I lived in an apartment. Only about 10 stairs to go up, no problem. Now, since I bought a house, the poor beast is in the garage, she doesn't seem to mind though.........

I hear you Scott. I rent a two bedroom house without a garage. From the back of my truck up 7 steps into the livingroom. From there through the kitchen and into the "bikeroom". A 5x10 room that was an office but now has beer posters, a bike, and my tools. :D Gotta love the Micky's poster with the Dahm triplits. :)

Originally posted by b-bike:

Oh ya... I forgot to mention one small detail. I also have my target bails up against the back wall of the shop, in line with the doorway from the house so when I shoot my bow form the middle of the living room, thru the entryway, thru the laundry room, and into the garage, it will allow for a 20 yard indoor practice range. ( Yes she lets me shoot my bow in the house. She has for the last 18 years) :D I love that woman!! :D

"Security Deviece" What part of Shooting in the house didn't ya'll see.

With 14 state championships, 2 world championships, 5 national championships, and many others, I think the "security deviece" for my garage in "ARMED AND FULLY OPERATIONAL"

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In my two car attached garage. I'm not married so I only have my truck on one side and the bike plus the workshop on the other. It fits me. The only thing that bothers me is the insurance. State Farm will only insure the bike in the garage if it is dismantled. I said, "WHAT!?!?

According to State Farm, as long as the bike is in one piece and can be "rolled", it is NOT insured. Is this BS or what?

By the way, we have a "shoot the burglar" law here. It simply means that if someone is breaking into your house or property, you can shoot now and ask questions later and the law protects YOU. Damn good law in my opinion!

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