Z Start

Installed the Z-Start Friday nite (with the handlebar perch) and went out today, first to the track then with the wifie and kiddies trail riding.

The bike I like a whole lot has turned into the bike that I now love. This clutch rocks! I adjusted the perch mount at 5/8" with the stiff spring for the track and backed it off to about 3/8" during the trail ride.

The install was pretty easy and now that I've done one I could probably put one on in 45 minutes or so.

I had to remove one more of the stock plates and replace it with the Rekluse .055 plates to end up with .032 clearance between the plates.

Kind of weird putting it in gear and just sitting there until you gas it up.

Now if I could just hang on like I used to be able to 25 years ago when I quit riding all together. Time to get the old body in shape!!!!

I never thought my throttle hand would tire before my clutch hand either. I know the feeling you describe above well, pretty amazing device huh :thumbsup:

iv had mine for a few weeks now. iv got the perch adjust, i went with the light spring and have it set just above idol, it works great for motocross and cross country. i havent even adjusted it since i got it installed.

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