Pro taper question

I just changed out my renthals and put on a new set of pro taper bars on my 650r. This is my first pair of pro taper bars and after trying them out it seems like I am picking up more vibration through the handlebars then I did before. I am wondering if it is in my head or if perhaps since I heard these bars flex somewhat that perhaps they transmit more vibration then 7/8" renthals. Anybody have a similar experience :thumbsup:

I felt less vibration with my Pro Tapers than the stock bars, but can't comment on the Renthals other than breaking a few sets several years ago. I liked my Pro Tapers, but now use the funky Fasst Felxx bars.

You may want to try another set of grips to see if that helps. The Spider M1's are a dual density grip made from special tacky compounds that allow you to hang on with less effort and fatigue and they're also acoustically engineered to rebound and absorb vibrations. I really like these grips and got them from Barnums Pro Products

Oury also has antivibration grips as well.

Thanks Qadsan for the information. It's most likely in my head but I do think I will try the grips :thumbsup:

Hi Roll_it_on,

Those were spider grips on my pro tapers. Really help keep the buzz down. 100 mi loop last sat, hands were fine all day. If you need them right now, Mach1 in Vallejo has them in stock.

Happy trails, Dan

PS- Cow next sat,4/29? I'll be there......Let me know if you can make it, I'll swing by Mach1 & pick you up a pair of spiders on my way outta town..

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