sneak peak at 03 yzf450

Just got my Dirt Rider (July) mag and saw the 03 yzf450 spy photo of the bike. Looks like seperated oil for eng. and trans. like the crf. Anyone else see the pic, or have comments.

saw the earlier spy comic of the 450.havent really heard if it was really going to happen. how do you think it will compare to the new ktm 450?

I don't have the July issue yet .

I for one will be absolutly pleased when June 13 9:00am rolls around

All these threads about what the 03 will have ohhhh I am buying it sight unseen

Is it faster then a speeding bullet

Will it leap tall buildings in a single bound

Blah Blah Blah

June 13 @ 9:01 am I am starting the 04 speculation / Rumer Posts Cant Wait


you'll have to wait 12 hours longer.

it's 9 PM not AM.

Noooooo...! Not another 12 hours! I can't take it. Just can't take it, I tell ya. Now EGO's got me wondering what the '04 will be like. Any idea? Maniac

I heard from a guy that dates the sister of the dude that married a yamaha engineer that the 04 will include lubeless muffler bearings, a completely redesigned oil drain plug, a hollow header pipe, a larger blinker fluid resevoir (Only on the WR450 street legal version), new brighter wire insulation, special anti gravity tires, and a wind shield. :)

Fireball; does that dude have another sister who is single and unencumbered? I need an inside track.

Powerband? What about a powerband? I've been looking for a bike that comes with a powerband, stock. I had an old KX250 that didn't have one, and was told it needed one. I found out that Montgomery Ward was the only place to get one for that bike, but they went bankrupt!!! So I had to sell the bike. Now I'm looking for a bike that has one stock, so I don't run into that problem again! :)

Fireball ya got it wrong, If you are going to use someone else material (Mine) Ya gotta know the rules:

Rule #1 Gotta have a hooker "I dont know Why, Its just rule number 1"

Rule #2 There has to be at least 2 I knew a guy, that had a friend thatd dated a girl that became a hooker *Thats th Hooker Part*

Rule #3 Rule #2 has to be a Reversable senario "I new a guy that had a firend that dated a hooker, Well This friend was seeing the Hooker that was dating his friend

Like That, The ya have to create the story line

lIke This

I got the inside scoop on the 2022 late last night at a bar. I met this dude who new a guy that had a friend that dated a girl, she later became a hooker. Well she worked the Yamah District am mr Yamah was her one and only client. Mr yamah told her and she told this guy that was her boyfirends friend that the 2022 was going to have dilithium crystal reactor core as the main sorce of power

maniac, you didn't lube your powerband after every other ride....did you?!?! :)

Dammit Ego, you just had to one up me didn't you! :)


Hey freestyle, is that a Honda (car) in the background??? lol JK :):D

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