Has any gone from a 98 YZ400 to a 01 YZ426?

I am getting back into racing after 3 years off, I am so excited to ride again. My last bike was a 98 YZ400, I loved it I did very well on it.I found a great deal on a almost new 2001 YZ426. How does it compare to the 98?


It is 3 years newer and has 26 more cc's. The 01 has different hubs requiring different sprockets. The brakes are bigger on the new bike; the exhaust header is different no longer requiring removal for an oil change. The plastic is a little different, the 01 has a quick adjust mechanism for the clutch, the carb is quite different and if not already much better off the bottom, it can be made better with the BK mod. The clutch has been strengthed quite a bit.

That is about all I can think of off the top of my head and I never owned a 400 just researched them over the years back when I could not afford one. They were cool, but the 426 is better, and now that I have one of those I am sure the 450 will be even better.

Oh yeah...the 01 has titanium valves which make it rev faster.

My old '98 YZ400 always had a tiny hiccup down low, like when coming out of tight corners. The '01 has that all cured and more! Way more grunt down low, more midrange, and even faster screaming top end due to the titanium valves. It was definately worth stepping up to the newer version. Handling, I guess, was the same or maybe better. But that motor!! WOW!!! :)

I went from a 99 YZ400 to a 2002 YZ426. Since Bambislayer covered the mechanical changes, I'll tell ya my personal opinion on the rest. The motor is obviously stronger throughout the powerband. The suspension valving is firmer on the newer bike. My 426 starts as easily as my 400 did, one or 2 kicks usually. I just hope the 426 lasts as long as the 400 did...

Yeah I had zero problems with my 400, stock the suspension was too soft for me, FC did it for me.The only part I replaced was the throttle cable. Never had to change a clutch.

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